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Thank you for visiting my site.

It is an honor and a privilege to have you here. I do not believe in coincidences. If you are here, on this site, right now, you are supposed to be here at this moment on your spiritual journey. You and I co-created this moment at a certain level of our Being.

This site teaches you how easy manifesting is but you might need to forget about the “Law of attraction” (LOA) as you know it because it is a watered down version of the truth.

You are on this planet for a reason. A divine reason. You are here to express yourself through your physical body and senses for a limited period of time, during which you will experience yourself as a human being.

In reality, you are not. Instead, you are….hug of love

Pure consciousness.
Pure awareness.
Pure Imagination.
Pure love

You are that which can assume any shape, size or form that fits its purpose.

You are a soul. A spirit. A being that can imagine itself into any situation that exists in eternity or, as some of the scriptures put it,….

You are a god. (Psalms 82:6)limits john kironde dot com


My soul purpose is to remind you of this. To remind you that, despite having been barricaded into seeming reality, your actual destiny is to transcend all of it’s limitations; barriers that only exist in your mind.

However convincingly real the dream of life is, it is still just that: a dream, and as you already know, EVERYTHING is possible in a dream!

Only one catch:john kironde dot com lucid dream

You have to consciously take control of it.

Anyone who has experienced lucid dreaming knows that once you awaken from within the dream, you are no longer it’s slave, you are suddenly it’s master; able to control it at will.

This is what you must do here on Earth in order to solve all your problems.

You must learn to imagine deliberately because, in actuality, imagination is not a function of your brain as many believe, it is Who You Really Are. It is your Divine Power that allows you access to every created dimension in eternity.poof

When you learn to focus your imagination masterfully, you will eventually awaken to the Being you really are and every earthly limitation you have ever experienced will vanish.

Join me regularly on this site as I explore the nature of consciousness and share my direct experiences of manifesting any state I choose.

If you are currently going through a challenge in your life, one that you would like to solve, consider thinking outside the box, book a session with me here , and together, we are assured of coming up with the perfect solution.

It doesn’t matter what your desire/problem is, every state can be manifested onto the physical plane, if it is based in love.
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Thank you all who have supported my first book, Conscious Creation: Volume 1, on amazon and createspace as well as its audio version on itunes, cdbaby and createspace.

Your feedback has been so incredible so far that I feel humbled and grateful for your love and support. May you be infinitely blessed with lots of abundance in your life.

I wish you success as you explore this incredible power within yourself and, to get started, you can download my free ebook when you subscribe to my mailing list.

Love and blessings,

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John Kironde
(I-Am I-Am)

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