My Spiritual Journey

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The following is my spiritual journey (so far):


1. I watched the movie “The Secret” in 2004 and did nothing about it. To me, it was only entertainment. I didn’t see it as “spiritual” at all, but the seed had be sown, and in due time, it would come to fruition.

john kironde dot com spiritual surveyor

My GPS mapping days, circa 2008

2. I worked as a Chief Surveyor for a mining company in Rwanda, Kivu Resources, for a few years.

I worked like a dog, climbing steep hills every day to make a buck, measuring plots of land, setting out roads and creating 3D digital terrain models.

I had no idea of the spiritual journey that awaited me…

3. I literally got tired of that profession and dumped it. I was tired of the manual labor. It was too exhausting and time consuming and I had aspirations of being wealthy and having passive income.

Around this time, a friend, who had grown a $4 million company within a year, introduced me to online forex trading.

4. I jumped in and lost tens of thousands of dollars. All the money I had saved working very long hours evaporated within a year. I was broke with no career but I was determined to beat forex.

5. I was raised a Catholic and so I would go for Mass every morning, before sitting on my desk to trade, said my “hail maries” and even made all sorts of pacts with God like: “If you hook me up, I promise to be good and give to charity” etc.

I thought I was being “spiritual”. 😀

6. Things just got worse. All the kneeling and supplicating wasn’t gonna get me out of this mess. I was also heavily in debt, by the way. I felt like I had ignored God and he was punishing me, so I made a pact to make a super strong connection with Him from now on.

7. The millionaire friend then gave me this book: “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. This book completely shattered my world. I had finally discovered his secret. Oh so I thought.

8. I left the catholic church. I walked away and never looked back. My mother felt like she had failed as a parent and that I was going to hell. Little did she know that it was quite the opposite. I had instead found the true heaven that is within all of us.

9. I buried myself in reading everything spiritual.  I think 18 hours a day. I threw out TV and most of my social life. It was too expensive for me anyway. I read Neale Donald Walsch, Abraham Hicks and every LOA book I could buy.

10. Then I landed on a book by Raymon Grace and discovered that I/we have healing powers, if we can learn focus our imagination. This was when “imagining to create reality” became a direct practical experience for me.

11. I started healing everyone and everything: headaches, menstrual cramps, dead remote control units. All this built my confidence in conscious creation.

12. Eventually I discovered my greatest spiritual teacher, Neville Goddard through a friend on a similar path. And that’s when my finances finally started turning around.

I threw out all the New Age stuff and focused on only Neville for at least 2 straight years. Morning, noon and night. I read and re-read all his books and lectures and listened to all the audio I could find but above all:

I practiced and practiced and practiced using ONLY my imagination to get through every situation in life.

The manifestation stories increased tremendously and I made sure I journal every dream, vision, mystical experience and I learned a lot from just using trial and error.

My family started getting used to how “weird” (spiritual) I had become. My business was thriving and my healing abilities also increased.

16. I spent hours upon hours meditating and imagining. All day long. People started calling me anti-social. Whenever I would hear bad news about someone I would revise it and things would change for the better in their lives. No one knew what I was doing apart from my Significant Other.

17. I manifested bigger clients and more money. I was no longer trading. I was manifesting. That changed everything. Financial security followed, thanks to my spiritual consistency.

18. I was amazed at the insights that started downloading into my head from some invisible reservoir of my being. I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to write pages and pages of wisdom and find myself bewildered:

“okay where did that come from?”

I realized all this would make a great book one day so I started organizing one and it seems I’ve got enough material now for twenty!

19. Then I started experiencing “The Promise”, slightly differently from how Neville describes it but the gist is the same.

20. I was fully awake now. Lucid dreams increased as well as O.B.E’s. I will share those stories soon. I actually look forward to sleeping!

21. Over three years ago, I was meditating on God consciousness for 2 days straight and the result (?) is my inner ear completely opened. It’s easily the greatest spiritual gift in the world because I am now experiencing multi-dimensionality.

22. I then joined Neville forums on the internet and also started the facebook spiritual group “I AM IMAGINATION“, in order to connect with like minded individuals and share my experiences with the world.

Thank you for being here, sharing in my spiritual journey and I hope you enjoy all the content I have created for you basing on my direct experience of using my imagination to create reality.

Love and blessings,
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John Kironde
(Author of Conscious Creation: Volume 1)

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