The Little Menace.

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Last night I had this “experience” where a small boy threw a rock at me.

I turned to him and said:

“Stop that! It hurts!”

He just laughed and continued to be a menace.

I’d had quite a few displeasing dreams before this one, so I wasn’t particularly in my best mood. So, I chased him and tried to grab him and….

My hand just went threw him!

He was a hologram. He is standing right next to me and yet I can not touch him, and yet, what he throws at me, touches me!

Shortly afterwards, I woke up, realising that this vision was meant to teach me something very profound.

I have, since, come to some interesting conclusions, putting in mind how Neville takes visions very seriously. Here goes…

You know how Neville says that man fights with the images of his own making?

We are projecting the entire world around us and yet our images seem to have individuality, a sense of separation…independent of our perceptions of it.

I was being shown that something you are actually placing there can hurt you..and yet, it is ….

A hologram.
An apparition.

Literally a figment of your imagination.

Because you place the boy there, you are his God.

His maker.
His creator.

You have the power to alter..

How he looks….
What he says…
What he does…

There’s only one catch…

The aspect of yourself experiencing the boy on the outside is no less an apparition than the boy himself.

In other words, in order to “blend in” with the world of your own making, you weave around yourself, a body, one which the apparitions your subconscious populates, are the image and likeness of.

The body materialized is then given a sense of individuality too.

He can not know that he is both the dreamer and the dreamt in order for him to participate in the experience fully.

The body and the boy are at the same (lower) level of consciousness.

They are completely convinced in their reality of their surroundings.

The body believes the boy exists and vice versa.

Owing to the complete lack of awareness of how spiritual animation works, the body “receives” sensory impressions that include, among others, touch.

Having been “programmed” to FEEL, the rock hits him and the mind simulates pain.

Not knowing that had he been de-programmed, the rock could have gone right through him or not hurt him at all.

In short…

Despite neither the boy nor the rock existing outside the confines of the dream itself, the dreamer convinces himself of this reality, and if left to sleep, can animate this world eternally, completely oblivious to the fact that he is making it all up.

In this small vision, I was not only shown the true essence of reality, but also how to overcome fear.

You see…

My hand going through the boy could have just as easily been reversed;

The boy/rock going through me….

We can free ourselves from external causes when we truly start living by the statement:

“Everyone is yourself pushed out”.

If, they are, then you are their God! You are imagining them there.

Which means…they can never hurt you unless you let them and therefore there is nothing to be afraid of!

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