The Sabbath.

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For a while after you plant a new “memory” into your subconscious, the old state and new state co-exist.

So let’s say your desire is to be happily married so you imagine a friend asking you:

“hey how was your honey moon?”

…and you fall asleep in that state.

What happens is that if you completely forget about this creation, this is the ONLY future you can experience because Source always selects the latest fervent “state implied”.

Now if you wake up and find yourself doubting/frustrated, then the “old state” is still stronger than the “new state”.

So here is where persistence comes in.

Whenever you “catch yourself” not thinking from the end, stop right there, move into the silence (think I AM) and then playback your friend saying:

“hey how was your honey moon?”

This will move you into a state of relief within seconds. Now let it go. For now and keep your conscious mind busy:

Read a book, listen to music, hang out with friends, “duck” in I AM IMAGINATION etc but…

Continue to “police” your mind morning noon and night. When a thought pops up like:

“Oh this is taking too long! When am I getting married already”

It will feel terrible. And from the discord you feel, you will know that “you are not there yet”.

Make that okay.

Make peace with that.

Tell yourself: “Okay my subconscious is not yet impressed but it will be because belief is merely a thought I keep thinking”.

Well…keep going then.

Replace OLD with NEW all day long. At some point you’ll notice something:

Only the new will be bubbling to the surface mind. (Yaaay! )

Now everytime you think OF your desire, you will think FROM its fulfillment. You’ll be so satisfied (fed up) by your act from “over-impressing” it, that you’ll naturally move on to something else.

Now that’s letting go!

It is called “The Sabbath”.

In scripture we have this creation story that we took literally. God created the heavens and the Earth for 6 days and then on the 7th he rested.

We, as humans decided, arbitrarily, what that seventh day is.

For everyone else, it is anything, ranging from Friday, Saturday, to Sunday.

But, for us, Conscious Creators, who know that God is our own Imagination, the Sabbath is something completely different…a period of time that is not locked to one day.

It can range anywhere from a few seconds to a few weeks/months…maybe even years.

So.. here is what I meant when I wrote this.

Imagine you are at this fancy restaurant, you are EXTREMELY hungry.

The waiter brings over your favourite food. A LOT of it.

There is this huuuuuge plate with sooooooo much of it! 😀

You are excited!! You jump in immediately, savouring every spoonful of this exquisitely prepared delicacy.

You eat and eat and eat and eat….feeling like you will finish it all. But then……

Something happens……

At some point, you can not take even one more bite! Why????

All variables are constant!

The food is the same.
YOU are the same.

What has changed?

You are SATISFIED/ FED UP of something you were enjoying immensely just a few minutes ago.

You even push the plate away from you.

This doesn’t mean that you will not want this same meal tomorrow. It just means that, for right now? You are done with it.

This exact example ^^ works for impressing.

Some creations I will impress just once and then I am done with it.

That would be me experiencing my Sabbath.

Other creations, I will impress 100 times, as my end eats away at whatever resistance I might have had on the matter.

When I feel like, like that meal, I can no longer go on, I push the plate aside.

ie I completely let it go.

That, then, would be the commencement of my Sabbath.

The Sabbath, is a period of time when God lays back, completely impressed with what S/He has imagined.

It is the period where you rest in the conviction that what you’ve done will come to pass regardless of circumstances on the outside.

Also, when I say conviction, I don’t mean what you say to other people on the outside.

There is this feeling I can not explain. It is beyond blind faith!

You are…

1. Tired of impressing.
2. Intolerant of any idea that would sway you backwards to the old state and yet…
3. There is NEVER a feeling reaction in your body even if that ^^ idea popped up.

You are in a state of limbo regarding your creation. You literally move on to something else out of what might sometimes feel like sheer boredom and other times feel like anti climactic victory.

You, my friend, are in a boat, that is sailing downstream with no ores.
You are letting the powers that be do their thing, as you flow, steadily towards an inevitable manifestation!

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