Creating Reality

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When creating your reality, the less action you take the better. If you imagine today and then tomorrow you keep checking whether it worked or calling this one or the other to confirm, you are just looking for evidence to doubt yourself and you will find it.

The idea is to realize accept that you are NOT in charge. Imagination is. God has its own time table. Everything you imagine MUST come to pass. Simply get out of the way.

Probably the most important aspect in manifestation (to me) is the sustained mental attitude. You stop lying to yourself that you can do anything to make a state come to pass. You can’t.

Imagination creates. The ego is designed to react and analyze. The body moves under compulsion. It seems as though you are making decisions/choices to move into the future. You are not.

There is no future. Everything is happening now but the body gives you the illusion of linear time because it “grows”. If you were to be honest you would admit that you have always felt like you. Whether at age 7 or age 70. If there were no mirrors or comments from seeming others, you would not even know what you looked like.

And here’s the kicker: it wouldn’t matter!

Let your ego go. It is the only thing standing between you and bliss. Stop reacting. Stop feeling victimized: your blame game is lame! Instead..see everything as illusion and imagine.

Spend more time with your soul. Nurture it. Open the inner senses. One after the other. Awaken the inner man and you will have mastered life.

Always remember, when you slow down, you speed up!

(The writer is the author of Conscious Creation: Volume 1)

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