All states are distractions from your True Power.

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You want to get married? You are in a state.
You are already married? You are in a state, too.

Oh God! If I could just manifest that new car! ………You are in a state of “I want that…”
“Wooo Hooo! I just love my new car!”……..You are in a state of “I have that…”

Doesn’t matter what you want to experience. You are ALWAYS in a state! So what exactly is a state?

An automated system of thoughts/feelings/choices etc that you are convinced are your own. How is that possible when….

“The thing that has been is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun”  ~ Ecclesiastes 1:9

Is there a new thought?
A new “challenge”?
New technology?
A new year?

Nope. All of it already exists. It is all frozen in time, etched in history. What you are going to do tomorrow is as predetermined as what you did yesterday.

It is a “matrix”. A mental construct that is designed for the sole purpose of you forgetting the Divine Being you really are.

Let’s say you manifest a new camera. That’s not the end.

When you get it, you celebrate.
You show it off.
You take it outside to try it out.

Then the hungers begin…..

“This shot didn’t come out right”.
“I wish this camera had better low light perfomance. I heard the new Sony has higher ISO capabilities“.
“Why is there so much grain?”
“I want to emulate that other hollywood movie’s look.”

So, you read and read and read. Research and research and research. Learn color grading softwares, buy newer faster lenses to help with the picture quality…

Months upon months of being in a state that has your mind completely pre-occupied with left brain stuff, only for a newer version of the camera to be released, negating (building up on) all the work you’ve done.

Now, you are invested in this company’s lenses…so it makes sense to just get the latest iteration of their camera, right?

The cycle goes on and on and on and it only leads to frustration.

Neville Goddard puts it this way..

“Everything on Earth appears, waxes, wanes and disappears!”

There is no new camera/technology/girlfriend/plot of land/house/car/medicinal supplement. There is no such thing as “new”. So do not get caught up in repetitive cycles that lead you no where.

The states are a distraction…..

You will never awaken as the being you really are unless you detach from these states. (At least for a while…)

Every state you imagine yourself into incarcerates you; confines you to the contents of that state, which, (often unfortunately), you might not know prior to imagining yourself into it. Once you get there, well….

Let’s just say prevention is better than cure.

Yes, you can imagine anything and it comes to pass.
Yes, you can move from state to state.

Does this mean you should create randomly? A STRONG NO!

Reason being….some states can take you up to 4 years, maybe even more, to fully get out of them. If it is an unpleasant state, you will reap it’s contents, whatever they are.

All states are a distraction. So walk around every day being in the World, but not of it. It doesn’t matter how enjoyable a state is. It is still a state.

It could be billionaireship, fame, a job or a presidency. It doesn’t matter. You are not truly free if you are in a state! It only seems like you are free.

It seems like you are advancing, making choices….

In truth, there is no new thing under the sun. That includes the “new” choices you are making!

Wake up, my brothers and sisters. Wake up.

You are all Imagination. This means that the only time you are not in a state is when you are imagining.

Imagination is all powerful.

All is contained in it. It is all. The left brain stuff can only take you so far in an imaginary world. Until you can fully control every single moment of it, you are not free.

To disentangle from states, you must completely silence your mind. Get rid of all those thoughts that seem to be your own.
In other words…stop “creating”.

THEN, and only then, will you awaken from the dream of life. See you on the other side.

In divine love,

John Kironde
(I-Am I-Am)

(The writer is the author of Conscious Creation: Volume 1)

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