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Do you find it easy to reboot your inner monologue?

Say, your mind is going on and on about something you desire,perhaps a new job:

“Where will I get one?”
“There seem to be no ads in the papers lately?”
“How come SHE has a job? She has only 1 degree and I have two!”
“What does it take to make life work?”


Of course this makes you feel horrible^^ and usually we don’t realize that it’s just a mental state called “I AM TRYING TO GET A JOB”.

Needless to say….”trying” tends to create MORE “trying” and never actually arriving!

This is where Neville comes in. He always tells his audience to ask themselves:

“What would the feeling be like if I already had a job?”

This question leads to an emotional response. A bit of the actual feeling will immediately come to you as an answer.

Next….you ride it! :)

Offering the thoughts of the “Employed YOU” collapses time and space.
“I AM HE!” right now! And no longer seeking to be.

This dissolves doubt/desire in less than a minute.

You might start little by little, ignoring all the evidence to the contrary. Maybe close your eyes and imagine being seated in your new office and then think FROM this state:

“How did I get to be this lucky?”
“This job couldn’t have come at a better time”
“I remember when I was still job hunting. Oh my that was exhausting!”
“My boss is so cool. I wonder whether he nevillizes too!” 😉
“What time should I go home today? I should probably swing by that new pub on my way home”
“Isn’t it wonderful that I AM actually doing what I have always wanted to do?”
” I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t got this job. I would probably still be living in that small apartment.”
“Wow! I really have a lot to be thankful for.”


Somewhere along the way, you’ll notice that you shifted into fulfillment.

Have fun with this! Works for ANY state!

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