The true meaning of Easter

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According to the rest of the World, “Jesus” died for our sins on Good Friday and rose again on Easter Sunday, three days later. (Isn’t that 2 days?)

Well…to a mystic, this entire drama happens on two completely different levels, none of which are physical. I have to be honest with you… I have always found the world’s interpretation of Easter a bit strange.
For instance: why isn’t it a fixed date? Why does it float around every year anywhere between March and April?

Who decides?
What’s the criteria?
The pope?

What if all is not as it seems….?

To create a context, let me begin by substituting some of the words in my first statement.

Jesus = Your consciousness raised in awareness to experience being on Earth.
To sin= To miss the mark in life. To want something and doubt that you can get it.
To die = Revision. Completely wipe out of your consciousness that an event happened and replace it with a more positive outcome.

I use Neville Goddard’s work as reference for the above interpretation.

This, to me, means that crucifixion is not some event that happens once a year. It is a moment to moment change in mind. When the change becomes stable, you have just be crucified on to this new concept of Self and the old state has died. And then, after a short period of time (the proverbial 3 days), a resurrection of the created state happens.

You achieve a manifestation. THAT is Easter!

I recently manifested for myself a 4K monitor for my studio work. Reason denied it. Senses denied it and yet I “died” to this concept of Self that disbelieved, created space on the table where the monitor would be and started feeling as though it is already there.

The impress that results from imagining feels like a mild electrocution over the Earth. THAT is “crucifixion”.
The resulting mood that convinces you that you will achieve your goal. THAT is “death” to the old state.
The waiting period between impress and manifestation is the proverbial 3 days between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. (In practice, it is not really 3 days. it can be 3 seconds or 6 months. Doesn’t matter!)

The day I received my monitor and put it exactly where I had imagined it to be is EASTER. The new state has been resurrected and I get to express it.

So, in essence,whenever you imagine for another person, you are “dying for their sins”. In other words, sacrificing your energy so that another achieves their goal. You are playing “Jesus” without even realizing it. Not Jesus, the blonde white man with blue eyes and flowing hair. Jesus-the state of consciousness.

Christ Consciousness.

Like all states, this state has its pros and cons, with the former outweighing the latter. In this state you know your oneness with God and become God in expression, awakening at deeper and deeper levels within yourself the more you “die”.

Which brings me to the next level…..

There is yet another interpretation at the level of the Spirit. There is a different crucifixion that happened to all of us collectively. Christ, your wonderful Imagination was nailed onto a different cross.

Your body!

In order for you to live here on Earth, you have to wear a body. If you stand up straight and stretch out your arms at 90 degrees to your sides, you will realize that you have just created a shape of a cross. “Jesus”, is carrying that cross around as he walks through “hell”, the trials and tribulations of being human. There is no other hell.

One day, a string of mystical experiences will happen within you, causing you to awaken to a deeper spiritual level within yourself, something no one else sees. This “resurrection” will be for you and you alone. After that, there will still be a period of time before you can enter the “kingdom of heaven”, a deeper dimension within yourself. That will still take “3 days”.

There is nothing you can do to speed it up, but the day you do, THAT will be the greatest “Easter” of them all.

Enjoy the holiday. Blessings to you all.

I-Am I-Am.

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