“God is your wonderful Human Imagination” ~Neville

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Is it possible that, perhaps, we often do not entirely realize the GRAVITY of this statement?

Is it possible that, despite being told by scripture that “YOU are the temple of the living God”, we still don’t want to believe it?

Is it easier to pretend that Imagination is just some silly fantasy in our heads, than accept full responsibility for the creation of our lives?

Yesterday, I impressed, that a niece who I care for deeply had come over to see me. She rarely visits and yet stays relatively nearby.

Tonight, I walked out of my studio and there she was! She said, she just FELT like checking on us.

She is still convinced she has what the world calls “free will”.

The Being you really are is beyond describing in words.
I don’t quite think there ARE words that can fully describe that which created the brain that would try to describe it.

One thing is for sure….

The word “Imagination” comes REALLY close when it comes to defining Deity, that which, by definition, is…well…indefinite.

Buried in Man, Imagination assumes all your weaknesses and views a World it created, from the perspective of one of the creations.

A creation, designed for the “soul” purpose of God briefly enjoying the illusion of separation, but eventually realizing, that there is only one person in this World.

My mystical experiences have proved to me exactly how this “split” happened, and because of that, there is no where I can look and NOT see God, in various stages of sleep.

Please take your time to fully grasp the enormity of the statement “I AM GOD”, when referring to yourself.

Reason will deny it.
Senses will deny it.

You’ll say….

“But there is this other manifestation that still hasn’t come to pass and I AM God all along? Get serious!”

Such thoughts ^^ are PRECISELY the experience God wanted when S/He became us.

It is only by a careful manifestation of the opposite of that which God is, that the perfect context is created, within which the magnificence of Who You Really Are can be cyclically re-experienced.

Explore the concept of Imagination being God. Realize that everything we say about Imagination has been said about God, without people noticing the parallels between the two.

God can create anything.
Well, so can the Imagination of Man.

God lives in heaven.
Well, the kingdom of heaven is within you! Where? In your Imagination!

God creates both good and evil.
So does the Imagination of Man.

Could the two be one and the same?

If not, the search perpetually continues, like a dog chasing it’s tail.
If so, look past the garments we wear and see your Self.

The True Self.
The One.
The Only.

The Source.
The beginning and the end.



Have a lovely day! :)

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