My very first mystical experience.

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Recently, someone asked me to explain the following statement Neville Goddard often makes during his lectures:

“Everyone is yourself pushed out”.

This is my direct response to her:

For the sake of this illustration, think of a spirit as something volatile like, say, smoke.
The only way for smoke to be trapped is to have some kind of container where it can be held together without moving about too much.

Well, that container is your body.

Take away the bodies and all the “smoke” would be free and, considering how expansive “smoke” generally is, we would just intermingle and find ourselves being all one big “Smoke”.
We would have no beginning and no end.
No individuality.


Everyone is yourself pushed out? Take away a seeming other’s body and their energy would have no where else to go but within you! This is not theory for me. I had a direct mystical experience of this in broad daylight.

The Being I really Am revealed itself to me. Let me share with you how….

At the beginning of my Neville journey, the only book I had access to was “AT YOUR COMMAND”.
I would spend all day practising the following “I-Aming” technique…

Now, one afternoon, I was doing this ^^ meditation when I felt something stur within me and my aura started to expand whenever I said the word “I AM”.
It expanded and expanded until something popped out of the top of my head.

In that moment, I could no longer feel my physical body. It was completely dissolved.

I could also not tell where the air ended and I began and so…I realized I wasn’t breathing.
There was no need too.

This was my very first experience of Omnipresence. I learned in that moment how interconnected all of life really is.
I could vaguely make out that figure that was towering over? me from all directions. I could roughly see/feel his benevolence though my then, less developed third eye.

When I stopped this I-Aming process, everything returned to normal.

That was the day I named him “I-Am I-Am”.

So, you see, I have absolutely no problem yielding my creations to this Being within me, because I know He exists.
He just “stood” there. Completely quiet. Showing me, for the first time in my spiritual career, that I was not a body.

This, is why Neville’s work is very important. Particularly his first book, AT YOUR COMMAND.
Everything else is a by the way. It is that book that stirs up the soul and gives one a first tangible mystical experience.

Without mystical experiences, you will not REALLY have the faith required to manifest your desires.
At least not in all situations.

Reason being? Only God can create reality. Until you find Him/Her/It? You are still theorizing and will probably make very little progress.

I hope this helped. Have a blessed day!

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