Neville Goddard How To Use Your Imagination

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Brief commentary on this ^^

Oh, I love this!!!

Give the imagined mood sensory vividness. That’s the secret right there.
Sensory vividness. Even if you are doing affirmations, try to do it in 3D!

Create some kind of scene to affirm into!
While this process works very well, the real test of faith is time.

Neville had to wait for a whole month before his wish was fulfilled. That’s where self mastery comes in.

You are pretty much “fighting your own mind” until the creation manifests.

(Unless you succeeded in dropping it and offered no single thought during this “sabbath” period)
Scene selection is probably as important (if not more). It surprises us that we imagine scenes which, in retrospect, did not imply what we thought they did.

Bummer, huh?

You will experience whatever you imagine, though being prudent would be wise.
Now, the “Jesus Christ” part throws off many people.

This is the cherry on top.

What you think you are doing is not what is REALLY happening in the depths of your being.

Here’s the secret…
As you imagine, you channel higher dimensional energy through your meridians – which, owing to a lack of use, had atrophied.

To imagine and feel something that is not physically present is to stir up an aspect of yourself that was in deep slumber.
Since everything we imagine already exists, the point of using The Law is NOT for you to get everything you’ve ever wanted on Earth.

This will simply lead to you going back to sleep.

You would just get lost in a state thinking yourself to be it and yet we are NOT these states. I don’t care if it is good or bad, it is still a state!

If you are in a state, you are not free. You have strange compulsions to fulfil the contents of that state.
What the stirring does is…

It creates a certain energetic flow within you so that you become a “vibrational match” to inner realms.

Discovering “Jesus” is one thing.
Expressing Christ consciousness is another.

The Law is like dangling a piece of meat for a hungry dog, enticing it to come into your direction.

No one would ever have listened to Neville’s biblical interpretations if it wasn’t for the promise that it would somehow solve every Earthly problem you might have.
While it most certainly can, it is the transcendence of your entire existence on Earth that ultimately leads to freedom.

This is why Neville spent a great deal of time in his latter lectures talking about “The promise”.

I agree, just as he did, that “The Promise” is everything!
It is “The Promise” that confirms Christ Consciousness to the individual.

When you find YOUR saviour, you will realize this is the same saviour in all.

Then Genuine Divine Love ensues.

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