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At first I didn’t know what to make of it. It took me almost 4 years to notice it, but it’s there. It is definitely there.
While taking a walk in nature, you breathe in through the nose and what we commonly refer to as “fresh air” flows down your nasal cavity.

You feel reinvigorated.

Reason dictates that the cold air flow is tied to the orifices on your face.

It has to be.

Then, one day, you feel it. The exact same cold (air?) flow. Except it is no where near your nose or your mouth.

“How is this possible?”,you ponder.

The cold energy flow is far more intense. The rejuvenation quicker and the auric fill fuller.
Except….. there is no orifice! The energy is flowing from the TOP OF YOUR SKULL!

“How can this be? There is supposed to be nothing there!”
“The skull is hard, for God’s sakes!”

The invisible valve opens when you flex the hinges of your jaw and, suddenly, there it is: a new way of “breathing” most of the world isn’t aware of.
You still can’t make any sense of it, so you decide to trace the flow of this marvellous cold energy instead. It seems to move in a wavy pattern, accumulating in your tummy.

You spend months quietly studying this flow, realising it is probably a post-ascension phenomenon-convinced that it is one-way traffic.

Then, the shocker……

There is a second flow in the opposite direction! This one is not cold. It feels….


It is “earthy” in nature and can be willed up via the perineum, if you are seated, and through the feet when you are standing.
It is borderline scented. You spend hours bathing in it, filling your aura up with it – intuitively knowing what it is and realising just how abundant our planet really is.
It has a post effect of leaving you tired and cranky. You slow down, but not before the grand experiment:

What happens when you chyme the two energies together?
How does it feel?
What does it do?
What in heaven’s name is going on?

Then it hits you: you are achieving balance!

You spent years working with golden light without realising it is the element of fire.

You’ve spent 7 years drinking more water, every single day, than the average human being. You still couldn’t see it.

The daily meditations seemed to be just to clear stale energy as you breathe. Nope. There is always something larger happening spiritually.

Then, the cold air starts flowing in through the skull, feeling like it is manufactured by it. You realise the spherical nasal breathing you used to do is,often, no longer necessary.
The densest one shows up last, revealing itself as the essence of The Earth itself. You can almost taste it.

The cycle is complete, the confluence apparent/
The aura feels replete..the influence transparent/

New hungers arise. Oh, you’re in for a shock!/
At last you hear the cries, that your ears used to block/

It’s a whole new beginning, but it feels so lonely/
Your inner guidance is spot on, all books seem phoney/

What is this breathing tube that connects through the navel?/
You lock yourself away for the mystery to unravel!/


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