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New Guided Meditation For Manifesting A Specific Person Part 1

How to feel love and loved by someone

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Manifesting a specific person as a love interest is a common desire that is actually easy to manifest if you are willing to learn proper meditation.

It takes training to silence the mind of all thoughts and, by extension, all doubts and this guided meditation has been designed to accomplish this and more.

After years and years of meditating, I feel I have perfected a style that will guarantee that you will clear your thoughts and ultimately relax into the awareness that you already have the love you seek.

Then, and only then, will you succeed at manifesting him/her.

It has always been within you and with very specific impress techniques, you will achieve an energy boost and feeling of your wish fulfilled much faster than with regular styles of meditating.

Remember: when you are manifesting a specific person, you change you. You change your own energy. You out-picture a lovely version of your specific person that already exists INSIDE you.

This is how I personally did it:

PS: While the meditation is designed for people seeking love interests, it can also be used by everyone else because a very big portion of it is just pure meditation. You will find yourself achieving a sense of peace you haven’t felt in a long while, perhaps even sleep like a baby!

Coming from peace to create what you want is such an easy step. In fact, the techniques highlighted at the end of the meditation can be modified to accomplish just about anything.

Consistency is key.

I advise you to use the meditation as often as you need to, especially the first half of it, and then when you start impressing your wish fulfilled, try to go for several hours imagining the same or different scenarios using the style of impressing I teach in this recording.

For instance, when imagining others mirroring back to you that you’ve succeeded that can literally mean ALL your friends and family. Each and everyone of them must say something which implies your success. The more you do it, the faster you’ll see results. I would recommend at least 10 impresses per hour, every hour you are awake during the day.

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