Manifesting made easy.

I catch Him creating…

God is within us imagining!!

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I can see it. Mostly in the morning…
I can see it. I catch Him…

I wake up and for several moments I observe what He is doing.

He is morphing energy.
Bending it to His will.

He is a COMPLETELY different Being from “John”. Completely!

But I do catch Him…

I catch Him returning from His little escapades and wake up moments before He fully reinserts Himself into the physical shell I currently experience to be “me”.

I catch Him. I sometimes even exclaim:


He moves in and out and, sometimes, takes “me” along to teach me something I would share with the World later.

I catch Him…


He can’t help Himself.
He cannot NOT be Who He Really Is.

I watch what He imagines, and then, it just vanishes. The energy dissolves into nothingness. If He was to put that into words, it would be something like:

“Oops! You weren’t supposed to see that! (YET)”

I sometimes wonder whether these little stray “daydreams” happen because He is bored.

Bored of the structured lie He lives.
Bored of the imagined parents, family, chores.
Bored of the taxes He has to pay and the body He has to wash.

I call Him “I-Am I-Am” because we are, quite clearly, two people.

He is, somehow, confined to the little prison that would be “me”.

I know how free He really is back “home”. He has shown me!

He inserted Himself into the avatar called “John” so that He could participate in the videogame we call Earth.

He KNOWS it’s a videogame with imagined dangers and seeming suffering. If it were to have a hollywoodized name, I guess it would be…


He knows it ain’t real.
He knows it’s all bull.
He knows everything about me and I only know bits and pieces about Him.
He can move my body and take me to places my mind said “no” to.

And, He is ALWAYS right! I only get to see this in retrospect, sometimes.

He assumed the body of a slave…stripping Himself of the Divinity I know He is, because He fell in love with me.

The Being playing you fell in love with you and wanted to view the world through your eyes.

But S/He knows The Truth. S/He has been “awake” all along, directing everything from the depths of your own Being.

Our Souls know EXACTLY what they are doing…..