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Proof that Neville Goddard was legit!

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In his book, “The Law and The Promise”, Neville Goddard shared a fascinating story about man who won big at sports betting. Today I shall provide for you evidence to verify this story.

Let’s begin by quoting the story itself. Here it is:

In my audience sat a man who, by his confession, was broke. He had read the same book, but he suddenly realized he had done nothing with the use of his imagination to solve his financial problem. He decided he would try to imagine himself as the winner of the 5-10 pool at Caliente Race Track. In his words: “In this pool, one attempts to pick winners in the fifth through the tenth races. So this is what I did: In my imagination I stood, sorting my tickets and feeling as I did so, that I had each of the six winners. I enacted this scene over and over in my imagination, until I actually felt ‘goose pimples.’ Then I ‘saw’ the cashier giving me a large sum of money which I placed beneath my imaginary shirt. This was my entire imaginal drama; and for three weeks, night after night, I enacted this scene and fell asleep in the action. “After three weeks I traveled physically to the Caliente Race Track, and on that day every detail of my imaginative play was actually realized. The only change in the scene was that the cashier gave me a check for a total of $84,000.00 instead of currency.”. . . T.K.

Recently, I received an email from a gentleman who did some really amazing research that verifies the story above. He has allowed me to share this with the world. Have a look..

Hi John, 

I was just doing some research into the references Neville made to horse racing in his writings and I thought you’d be interested to hear what I discovered!

The most important reference is Chapter 5 (Subtle Threads) in The Law and The Promise. In this he mentions how a man in his audience had used his imagination to win a huge payout of $84,000 (about $1 million now) on a bet called the 5-10 at the Caliente racetrack. The man’s own testimonial letter gives his intials as ‘TK’.

So I did some research into the Caliente track and tried to find out more about this 5-10 bet. I found the following link which talks all about it:…/pick-6-bet-had-its-roots…

The fascinating paragraph says the following:

On September 1, 1957, just 17 months after its inception, more than 22,000 fans filled tiny Caliente. They poured $124,816 into the 5-10 pool. Emerging as the sole winner was A. Thomas King of Los Angeles. On a $2.00 investment, he collected $84,250.80, as the only person who correctly chose all six winning horses.

So there it is, we have the precise date and amount that this bet was won. (The Law and The Promise was published in 1961) and the man’s initials were TK (Thomas King). He was the first big winner of this jackpot and he did it all through Neville’s teachings!

I thought you’d be interested to see this!

All the best,
Rick Adams

So, you see, my dear friends, my mentor, Neville is one of the greatest, most honest spiritual teachers you will ever find. Even to this day. I STRONGLY advise you to focus on just his work for a few years. I have proved about 90% of it so far from personal experience. You will, too, if you persist!

Have a lovely day!