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Alessandra Rossi-Filipi

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“Hi Everyone!

Alessandra Rossi Filipi

I want to give an ENORMOUS shout out to John Kironde who is just absolutely FABULOUS! I had my second private session today in a super short amount of time to both of our surprise because I was so blown away by the ‘work’ we did in our first session and how incredibly clarifying, easy and oMG- sooooo incredibly FUN i had with him!

He is a tremendous asset and I profoundly and highly recommend the opportunity to work with him. Just a bit of background on my part, I came to Neville a little over a year ago, discovered this group last summer, and much work has been being done on my part throughout this time.

I am incredibly dedicated to my growth but sometimes have felt like I come to halts: needing the potters clay work as Neville talks about. I connected with John through this group last August, he suggested a take a session with him. It didn’t feel like the right time although I felt it would be awesome…..well…it iS awesome! John is soo incredibly joyful and totally respectful, generous, wise and super fun! If you need assisting with your imagination sessions.

I endorse him 100 percent! You will love it!! Much joy to each of you!”

~Alessandra Rossi-Filippi
(Opera Singer)