Hi. I want to give thanks and gratitude to John Kironde for teaching me how to use my imagination. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to use John’s private coaching sessions. I was facing eviction and unemployment. And within a two week period my life shifted!!

I received enough money to pay my housing in full and also one month in advance!! I also cleared up some monthly expenses.

Since October 2016 I would send my resume out and not have any responses. I went to a job agency recently on the reference of a friend who was a former colleague of mine. She also uses this particular job agency.

I had tried to get an interview with the woman my friend referred me to since December 2016. She finally agreed to meet with me two weeks ago. When we met the woman critized my resume unscrupulously.

From top to bottom and left to right. She was telling me it was, in essence ,garbage.

She seemed very angry with me for wasting her time. She was adamant that she could not help. She told me that she did not even have the time to tell me what was wrong with my resume other than it was too long. She told me that she didn’t even look at my resume and that she only took a meeting with me bc of the goodwill of my friend. Oh boy! So she critized me for about thirty minutes.

I decided I was not going to hear what she said and I was not going to change my resume. Most of all I knew my resume was exceptional. I did not think of her or the agency again. A few days later I submitted the same resume somewhere else and was called within minutes of sending it off because my resume was ‘phenomenona’l!!! Their words.

I received another opportunity to interview for a job this past Monday and the company i interviewed with loved me and are currently in the process of checking my references.

It gets better!!Yesterday in the midst of a joy meditation on ‘isn’t it wonderful I have so many job offers’..the same woman from the agency who mercilessly tore me apart, called and offered me a job which starts next Monday!! While I was in that phone call, another company left me a voice mail for another position! Wow!

John helped me to believe that I AM the operative power.

Whenever I thought things were getting worse he encouraged me to keep on believing and affirming. Whenever I thought I was doing something wrong he reassured me I was not. John teaches many different techniques to accomplish your ideal/desire. Best of all when you realize the manifestation of one ideal, it encourages you onward to boldness.

Thank you John!! Blessings, honour and much gratitude!!