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The Aura Technique

Shift your mood into relief quickly

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Could the aura hold clues on how we feel?


Over the years, through interacting with hundreds of people, I have learnt so many techniques to help others have a better experience of life.

This one is definitely in the top 5!

You see, we go through our day forgetting that we actually not human. We are experiencing what it is like to be human, but in actuality we are at a level humans can never be.

You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.

~Psalms 82:6

I am blessed to have had a direct experience of Who We Really Are. This is what happened:

One night I woke up in a vision, flying mid-air without a body. I felt like “me”, but I had a 360- degree. I could see everything at once.

The Aura is part of a 360 Degree awareness

Just to give you a bit of perspective, If I’d had a head, I would see though the top, the sides, the front, the back, and downwards into the neck.

I could also feel the clouds. The light. I was the sky!

This was all very enjoyable except for one very disturbing fact: I had no body!!! Confused, I asked myself “where is my body?”

Within seconds, a body had crystallised around me. I am still mid-air, but this time with a very solid body that formed out of nothing!

This, my dear friends, is Who We Really Are. We are Beings who create entire Universes out of thin air! Do not be fooled by the little body a newly born baby is wearing. S/He is just as “advanced” as you are!

Anyway, several years later, I noticed that it was easy for me to, at least, simulate the expansiveness I’d felt that night.

I also noticed that whatever I was feeling, in a state of expansiveness, was neutralised. Feelings were never in the physical body to begin with.

Psychically, everything is golden liquid light”

~Neville Goddard in “Your Faith is Your Fortune”

Since everything is light and God is love, I simply mentally say “love and light” over and over to guide my imagination to transmute the released differentiated energy into its neutral primordial state.

Now, this is something you want to do for about a minute of two. If you overdo it, you might feel weak. The idea is to get to relief and then bring back positive energy into yourself as soon as you can.

Now you have options.

You can add on to that relief by affirming “I AM relieved now that my problem has been resolved” or you can use your inner senses to impress a scene which implies everything worked out fine.

Either way, you have successfully shifted.

Love and blessings,