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How to manifest money? Part 1.

Treat money like a person

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The day you start seeing money as a person, you’ll be able to manifest it.

I’ll explain this by quoting Neville from his wonderful lecture “Conception”:

“Believe me, God is Man.

“Thou art a Man, God is no more. Thine own Humanity, learn to adore.”

Everything is Man.

About 4:00 o’clock this morning I saw a six-story, stark white building in vision, and as I looked at it, it became a Man.

It took on the human face.

All the mountains, rivers, valleys -everything is Man, and when you are awake you commune with them as friends.

You walk into all the areas of the world to discover that everything is God and God is Man.”


So you see, because you are a 3 part being: “body mind and soul”, money must be a 3 part being as well.

There is no such thing as something being physical unless its imaginal self (soul) assumed that shape/form in the astral.

You might argue that things don’t have a mind of their own but a simple study of so called inanimate objects like rocks under a microscope will prove to you otherwise. 😉

  • Everything is atoms.
  • Everything is in constant motion.
  • Nothing stays the same.
  • All is evolving all the time.

If we are all One and everything is part of the One Thing That Is, then in the larger scheme of things:

“I AM (one with) MONEY”

This realization changes everything because since consciousness
(I AM) is Spirit then money can not be anything less than spiritual.

The realization that “I AM MONEY” bridges the gap because it puts what money represents on the inside rather than on the out.


Let me explain:

“I AM VALUABLE”. There is something I can offer the world that other people will pay dollars and cents for in exchange.

I give of myself and get the paper as a symbol of my value but the true value was always ME and therefore:


Treating money as a person shows us something very important.

Just as when you bad mouth your friend, he’ll want to stay away from you, same applies to money.

You must love it so much that you are willing to become (the personification of) it.

Whenever you think “Bill Gates” your mind races to “Wealth” right?. His name is synonymous with wealth just as maybe “Neville” is associated with “imagination”.

Always say nice things about money and your assets. Say how much you love and appreciate them. These “people” hear what you say and want to be around you more. So you will get more money!

Impresses that might help:

  • I love receiving money!
  • I always have more money than I need.
  • Money flows to me very easily.
  • Thank you, money, for being in my life right now.
  • I love smelling this money.

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