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The Anonymous Lady

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There was a lady who contacted me for a session. She was completely anonymous. You know those names? (Just like I was going by “I-Am I-Am” for 2 years. That kind of thing.)

She booked a session with me and used her husband’s credit card without his knowledge.

When we spoke on skype, she insisted that we don’t use webcams. I never got to know who she was. I just knew she was in a facebook group I admin.

Her husband discovered a transaction he didn’t make and blocked it. I got issues with paypal and decided to track the lady down, knowing there is,obviously, a misunderstanding.

The email she had used to connect with me was created that day and was NEVER used again. So sending her emails for weeks didn’t work.

So I imagined my wish fulfilled. I revised one of her emails to imply that she was in touch with me again.

A few days later, I had just finished admining the group and was just about to go to bed when a name popped into my head plus her voice.

I went to straight to her inbox on FB and told her:

“So you are so and so all along?”

She was SHOCKED. She had never told anyone who she was. She said:

“Oh my goodness! I have just proved that you truly are spiritual”

Needless to say, our relationship got even better. She sorted out the misunderstanding with paypal quickly and even compensated me for any inconveniences caused. (She insisted).

I trust the God within me to always deliver the results I create, at the appointed hour!