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Live Stream #2 transcript

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(Thanks again, Vonda Mackenzie for transcribing this)

1. What would happen if we affirmed I am God 24/7?

JK: If you did that you would find yourself in this mood. There is a mood where you are indifferent about everything. You feel no desire, you feel a compulsion to help people. You find yourself altruistic downloading lots of wisdom and a compulsion to express that wisdom. People will show up in your life to receive that wisdom from you, and you will find it easier for you to access particular experiences in the 4th dimension. There are experiences that are only in the I AM state and the God state.

The only truth is I AM God. Every single person on the planet, everything walking is God. People don’t have the strength to affirm it because they think they are blaspheming. They are not. Scriptures tell you Be Still and Know I am God. How do you know if you don’t affirm it. They have to affirm it and see what that knowledge would create for you.

2. What is the most effective way to revise?

JK: Sensory impressions. You meditate, create this mood and then you experience using the sensing, sight, sound and touch.
My favorite is touch. You experience using touch. What I do is find excuses to use touch. If I am using something intangible like software, I use something like an Ipad to have something to touch, and I see the software on there.
I use touch as much as possible, reason being, let’s say you are walking on the street, you are outside this store .. you see the dress in the window and say “What a lovely dress.” You probably won’t buy it. You walk into the store and the guy at the counter says “We have this dress.” still nice but you won’t buy it. Then he brings the dress over and you touch the fabric, it becomes real only when you touch it. We are programmed to feel when we touch something, it’s real.

Try to interact with the person, the money , the thing whatever you are trying to manifest. As long as you are currently experiencing it’s material outside of you that which you touch should come to you. I have touched in imagination $30,000 worth of equipment and every single one of them have come to me whether I have the money or not.

3. How to manifest marriage with a specifc person?

JK: What implies you are currently married? In The Law and the Promise there’s a story a specific partner manifestation story. This lady would feel a ring, not a physical ring, on her finger and then she would feel that I am Mrs so and so. Assumption of the states, sensory impression and touch. If the ring is on your finger, touch. Then she would confirm and feel the joy. She would celebrate within herself that she is Mrs. so and so.
Another scene could be reading your name on a marriage certificate. It could be you attending your own wedding. It could be you attending your honeymoon in consciousness. That which you create within yourself, your brain can’t tell the difference between physical reality and imaginary reality.

Yesterday I was in a session with someone and she was supposed to communicate at 9am, she pushed it to 9.30 p and she was panicking for some reason. The reason for the panic was she lost concert tickets. I will read the story she wrote:

I was supposed to get an envelope in the mail from my mother on Thursday with concert tickets I ordered online. On Thursday, I checked the mail and there was no envelope. Even though the US postal service website indicated by the Tracking # they had been delivered. Sometimes the tracking is incorrect so I checked again on Saturday but still no envelope.

I checked the Post Office, as well as my apartment office and there was still no sign of it. The PO said they had been delivered to my box. I was so anxious, I even dug through my trash to see if the envelope got mixed in with advertisements I usually throw away. I was running out of time because I had a session with John, but I knew it was all the same and it was just manifesting back, but it was much easier to say in theory than actually applying it. Still I used my imaginal hearing to hear the lady at my apartment office telling me over the phone that she found the envelope to give me the sense of relief in the end result.

I did it again, but this time I told my mother on the phone with a tone of relief in my voice that I found the envelope with the tickets. John only encouraged me to do nothing but show up for the session. Again, I intellectually knew the envelope was something that could manifest, but at the same time my mind was telling me that it could have been dropped or blown away by the wind or stolen.

In the core of my being, despite of my anxiousness and frustration I somehow knew I would be at the concert. I explained to John that I used my imaginal hearing to tell my mother over the phone that I found the tickets and feel so much better. I even said it that way aloud to him. After our session I headed out and saw the mailman so I checked the box one more time and imagining the envelope right inside and feeling the relief of finding it. As I ran up to the mailbox there was no envelope. I walked up to the mailman on the other side of the complex. As I approached him I imagined him handing me the envelope and I felt relief. Sadly he did not have it, and said the GPS tracking system tracked the barcode of the envelope to be in the mailbox, however that was sadly not the case.

I went back to my apartment to call the ticket company to report the ticket as lost and asked for a reprint. I was placed on hold before speaking to a representative. While on hold the mailman knocked on my door with my envelope my mother had sent in his hand. Within an hour we had manifested the tickets right into my hand. I spoke with each of my parents telling them with a tone of relief in my voice that I had the tickets .. all is well.

JK: Now let me tell you my side of the story because that’s what she experienced within an hour or 2. I told her to come to the session because if you are looking for something and you can’t find it, you simply touch it. You experience yourself touching it. What I did because we were on Skype together, I visualized that she was holding the tickets saying I FOUND THEM. After the session we hung up the call and literally an hour later she sends me that message they had been delivered. They cost $165 and she wanted to get them back .

Manifesting is real guys. Everything you want to experience on earth you need to stop looking for them on the outside. The entire drama of life is happening inside the individual, INSIDE. It doesn’t seem like it because you seemed to be trapped in a body. You’re not even trapped in a body you can change perspective at will. You can experience yourself looking at the earth above. You can experience different perspectives; you are not stuck in the body at all.

4. I would love it if you would explain more about the passing thoughts.

JK: Thoughts are coming from states. Not every thought that goes through your mind will manifest, some won’t. You can even have this experience where the thoughts seem to be so scary at times, and yet once you use the principles in… I hope you read Out of This World. It has technique, it has that grounding. That information you need to experience, to practice. You understand everything is predetermined. And if everything is predetermined, and right now I am thinking somthing in this moment, why is that thought in real time necessary? What if I called forth a previous state of being and this thought is a result of that.

If you try to meditate, and you try to go slow and the thoughts are getting louder, ignore them. Do you know how to ignore thoughts? You literally take your consciousness and .. people think they are stuck in the head you are not stuck in the head. In fact you can do meditations where you move around your own body.
But you get out of the head and into the heart because that’s where feeling is. That’s where impresses are. When you drop in consciousness, in other words, put your attention at the heart when meditating. When you are there, when you affirm I AM something it will happen in the heart.

If you meditate on the word LOVE something will happen in the heart. You can make yourself feel anything you want. You can feel joy, you can feel success, you can feel relief. You could be really stressed about something and it seems you can’t change it. You simply move into the heart and meditate on the exact opposite mood, because the other thoughts can’t swim in this stream. The passing thoughts will either slow down or vanish completely.

When you think meditation don’t think 10 mins or 20 mins, create time, lots of it. Create a lot of time for your Creator to be with your Creator. I’m thinking hours maybe days. I can meditate for days nonstop just sustaining one mood, just to see how the world on the outside will react.

5. How to erase the negative manifestation that has been done. How often to do it, and how to revise?

JK: If you are in effect of something that has gone wrong, you do revision, but revision of the cause. I will explain.

I didn’t see any of this coming by the way. When I set out to study Neville I never knew I would be doing live streams several years down the road. Unbelievable what life has in store for you.

I’m at the effect of the state I activated. When I studied Neville and experienced activations within myself, and I experienced 3rd eye activations, the promise, ascension… all of it happened in a very short time. I experienced ascension at age 29 ok? And after that everything just escalated. I found myself teaching. I didn’t see it coming. I thought I was just solving my own issues.

I am at the effect of something I caused.
Now, the period of time between seed time and harvest : we are always waiting for manifestations. We are just chilling in here between seed time and harvest. And you know what’s odd?
Ater a manifestation happens this period of time, and whatever you went through, can no longer be experienced. It was always psychological.
So if you want to change something from the past try to change it from the level of cause.

For example, my friend went for an interview. It was at a bank; 100 people interviewed and she actually failed. She failed the aptitude tests and all of that stuff. I was teaching her a bit of Neville at the time. I told her do not accept it!! She is at the effect. She has no job, and she’s experiencing no money, because she has no job, she’s worried. When you have no job it seems hard to get a job, and yet when somebody has a job it’s easier to get another job.

The bible puts it this way: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
They are simply saying the law works that way. You must be in the state itself in consciousness before you can experience. You can never be wealthy for instance unless either you hang out with wealthy people for awhile and they started rubbing off on you – or you yourself assume you are wealthy and the contents of that state will be shown to you.

What I told her to do is go back to the interview in consciousness and experience .. no it was a phone call .. they called her and told her she was rejected. Revise the phone call. You hear bad news, and you react in a virtual reality and panic. NO don’t do that, instead say “I’m at the effect of something I was afraid of in the past. Maybe my insecurities manifested it in some form.”

So you go back to the phone call. Sometimes it helps to use the phone you put it on your ear, and you listen attentively, and you hear HEY CONGRATS YOU PASSED THE INTERVIEW YOU’LL START …. ! She did that. She listened attentively to the same person that told her she was rejected, that she failed the interview.

When you do these revisions they don’t necessarily happen right away. It could manifest a few weeks later. You could find yourself still waiting for the job. You have to have courage and patience. These things work! And even when you are doing activations… even when you are listening to Neville talking about the Promise. If you accept those 4th dimensions of visions, which are very important by the way. Please listen to THE PROMISE especially ASCENSION .. those visuals those feelings will still have an appointed hour even in the 4th dimension ok?

So the appointed hour thing is not only for this level, but for that level (4th D). If you play around with cause, the appointed hour seems to be incorporated because you have already experienced the effect. So the appointed hour tends to be incorporated within the period. You have to move into the past.
So what she did is she revised the phone call and 6 mos later .. it didn’t happen immediately. I revised it as well. I listened to her say she got the job!
Do you know what happened? Revision of the past leads to repeal. So what happened is, and this never happens in any country, especially mine. The same guy called her 6 mos later and told her – literally offered her the job. She still works at that bank today. That was several years ago .. 4 maybe 5 .. she was promoted manager of this – manager of that. This is somebody who failed the interview.

This means your success is not dependent on how many degrees you have. ITS NOT!! It is dependent on your assumption, on the feeling of your wish fulfilled. There are people on the street with Masters Degrees, they are beggars on the streets. We need to know this information. We need to be able to use it wisely and use it lovingly .. for yourself and everybody else.

Everything can be revised. It takes faith, it takes time, and energy, but if you are patient, if you read Neville’s stories, you wil notice.. like Neville’s brother that manifested a building, Victor – they were broke. They were really broke. And Neville’s brother used to walk past this building every single day for 2 years. He would visualize the Goddard family name on the marquis of the building. So he faithfully did it everyday for 2 years, and he manifested the building without using money. He didn’t have any money. Somebody came out of the blue and bought the building for him.

Those are the rewards for faith. Neville puts it this way: Faith does not give reality to unseen things. Faith is loyalty to an unseen reality. You acknowledge that the reality is there; it does exist, and then you use this feeling of knowing, this conviction this joy within yourself to celebrate that you really have it. If you do, the state has been activated. However long it takes you’ll still get your manifestation, because it was real at the time you imagined it.

This is a shadow level, things eventually manifest and people think: Oh, ok I manifested something solid, a phone, and that’s the reality. NO, all these phones can be destroyed and somebody would be able to reconstruct them from imagination because they are permanently etched into the eternal structure of the universe.

6. How can I experience more mystical visions?

JK: Meditate more. When you are meditating and clearing your mind, try to raise your physical eyes and stare at the 3rd eye as often as possible. It seems a bit hard, but you can do it. If you are doing I AM’g then the eyes might raise themselves. When you meditate on the words I AM you feel as though your consciousness is filling up, and when it gets to the eyes they will raise, raise, raise and point to the 3rd eye. But if they don’t, then when you are meditating raise your eyes yourself, and focus on the 3rd eye as often as possible.
If nothing happens you visualize a little hole. It’s like looking through a keyhole and the more you do it you will activate a particular state where you have access to the contents on the other side.

So one day you will be sleeping, it will still be a manifestion by the way. So one day you’ll find yourself looking, and it will open up and you will see images, several images, like someone is flashing slides around. Or you could be taken to one spot of an image, you will feel yourself move through the hole to the other side. When you get there you will have a body. It’s a shocker! You will examine the body and you will see the hair on the skin. You will have a body as solid as here. You will be in a completely different world, and it will look just like this. You will find people there, and you won’t necessarily be in the year 2018.

I found myself in the year 1959, and there were people there actually working hard to make a living. You will ask someone which year is it? And they tell you the date and you don’t react too much because OMG!
Neville is very clear. Eternity exists. We right now in 2018 are merely in a section of time. The year 3000 exists. The 18th century exists – people are there.

Someone asked if you can attend Neville’s lectures right now. YES you probably can. You set the intention and you will be taken there. You visualize you are already there. You feel like you are sitting inside Neville’s lecture and you will be able to go back to the 40s.
It’s time travel, but it’s done in the 4th Dimension where there is no time. Anything is possible, if you want more mystical experiences, you focus on the 3rd eye and you also read lots of Neville, and there are so many mystics. See what other people experience.

I love mystical experiences because they give you faith. Lots and lots of faith because you will prove, for example, the very first time you get out of your body and feel the freedom of being out of the body .. the first time you get out there and fly – you fly – you levitate, you teleport. You do all these things that humans think are impossible. There are things they don’t understand. People are addicted to social media. Do you know the more time you spend behind the phone the less time you get to practice our natural abilities, like telepathy? We are so dependent on technology. We don’t need any technology. Nothing man made. You are all imagination.
That means anything that can be imagined can be achieved.

We come from a world where we have no limitations. We are on this level where the brain convinces you that you have limitations. You don’t have limitations even on this level – you don’t. You just have to reprogram your mind. reprogram yourself. Anybody that says: I CAN’T DO THIS – I CAN’T DO THAT – I CAN’T HAVE THIS – I CAN’T HAVE A SPECIFIC PERSON – I CAN’T HAVE WEALTH. There are so many people that have all those things you currently want that makes you worthy as well because they are no different than you.

7. I’ve been doing the skin-to-skin everyday can you help me?

JK: The skin-to-skin technique is just you enjoying the feeling of already being with your loved one. Everybody deserves love. The feeling of: I want to be with a particular person. Do you know how many men are on the planet? So many! You have eyes for just one – what billions?

Where does that feeling come from? That feeling comes from your true self. Your true self is saying: I want to experience this particular state. All human judgement must never be brought into this equation. Somebody asked: If my specific partner sends me a text that I don’t like, and then I revise it, it feels as though he doesn’t like me and so I’m now influencing?
You don’t influence anyone outside of yourself. The mistake is that everybody is trying to manifest something outside of themselves. You don’t manifest anything outside. There is nothing outside. Everything is happening INSIDE!
When you are manifesting a specific partner, for example, you are literally accessing the self .
We experience being physical.

If I close my eyes right now and visualize my 4th dimensional self, my astral body inside, that self then opens their eyes. Of course, if that self opens their eyes they can be anywhere in eternity. So I’ll still feel myself physical, then I’ll feel that 2nd layer of myself within myself – then that layer opens their eyes. Of course when they open their eyes you will still be seeing through the 3rd eye. Whatever that self observes exists on a timeline that I may not necessarily experience right now.

Stop trying to feel you are influencing. NO! You are in a dream, and you are in the center of that dream, and you are wanting to experience a particular thing on the outside. You will never be on the outside. So you access the self. You are not changing them, you are changing you. You are accessing the self that already has the love, the money, the car. It doesn’t really matter what you want on the outside. The feeling of having it on the inside. The feeling of celebrating that you already have it. The joy of the feeling of appreciating this thing, this person, put it all on the same level. That feeling is enough for you to access the SELF!
Who feels this way? The self has the things the car, the money the perfect health.

That self is there 4th dimensionally. Then you, living in this mood for a long period of time… you don’t impress for 5 seconds and then you’re done. NO! Try to ask: “How have I felt? How did it feel to have the thing?”
I feel grateful, I feel peaceful – relief. Sustain that mood to keep the gates open for that thing to flow towards you. Understand?

This stuff is different. You’re not manifesting something outside of you. That’s why I have a problem with attraction. I have to use it in some of my titles because everybody thinks “Law of Attraction”. You aren’t attracting anything. Because you are imagination and this is a screen of space like a cinema. You are PROJECTING. It’s the exact opposite of what has been mass marketed. It’s a projection onto a screen.

That screen then becomes your specific person that is coming to kiss you, and hug you, and you think they did it on their own. NO! It’s a dream, and there’s no such thing as free will. You have free access. You have free choice. You can choose to be in a particular state. But when you get to the state, it animates itself. It has feeling. It has results, everything is already worked out for you.

8. Please explain the impress technique in detail.

JK: When you are impressing, you are planting a memory. You are planting a feeling in your heart. Now if the feeling in your heart is exactly a match to whatever you used to visualize that you have it, that thing will be out pictured onto the screen of space.
That’s the law. All things. The law is given to us in the first chapter of Genesis: ALL THINGS MUST BRING FORTH AFTER THEIR KIND.

There are no exceptions. That includes your imaginal acts, your feelings. You plant a feeling – you reap a feeling. Everybody is creating their reality on the planet and they don’t even realize it. They say: “This one did this – or they did that. Oh God, I’m freaking out I should be running away!” NO! Everybody has been placed in your reality by you, for you to give yourself a particular experience.

Know that they are there. Understand that they are you, everybody is you. See them. If somebody says someting or did something understand it’s just a state. They fell into a state. It’s just a script that you wrote. You can change your feeling about anybody. When somebody does something bad to you, you will probably feel hatred towards them. Don’t allow yourself to feel that stuff. Try to focus on feeling love, feeling joy, acceptance. If I don’t like this person guess what? I’ll get more of the same. This person will be under compulsion to do more stuff in my reality .. more stuff that I’ll dislike.

Let’s say they said something like “I don’t like you”. Ladies get offended if somebody says: “You aren’t very good looking”.
Did you know you can transform yourself to become radiant in the eyes of everyeone else?
If consciousness is the only reality then as you are moving around you are out picturing in your energy, in your aura how other people see you. People could see you as sexy, as very good looking, but it’s an out picturing.
The day you stop feeling good looking or attractive .. you know what could happen? Everyone will start mirroring back to you that you’re not. They’ll start saying “You used to be a.b.c., but you’re not anymore what happened?
We are doing these things to ourselves, and we have the power to change it.

So just to stay with that example – you basically meditate first, and then you put your attention on the heart, that’s where feeling is. You drop from the mind to the heart. Try it. When you get out of the mind, because you have all these thoughts powered up by you by your own energy, by your own consciousness. When you drop to the heart and decide to feel – there is a paradigm anyway – there is a hierarchy in which everything works. Feeling is above thought, even though the head is above the heart, so you drop and decide to feel whatever you want to feel instead. Guess what happens to the thoughts? Your consciousness was powering them up, they are no longer powerful.

Your heart, your feeling, the heart opens up as you meditate on the feeling of joy. So what you do is – on my Youtube channel you’ll find a “speaking from” technique. If somebody says or does something you don’t like what you do is remember when there was still bad. Of course nobody does anything wrong given their model of the world. Everyone thinks they are good people – even terrorists might think because of their cause they are fighting for God, they are doing the right thing.
Everyone has this righteousness going on.
No one will ever admit it. So you change how you feel about this person by remembering when they were still that way. Implying that they are not. It’s always about clarity of form. Most affirmations end up turning into physical conversations anyway. So you visualize you are saying this to a friend in a perfect tone of voice. The tone is always remembering – it’s reminiscing.
“Do you remember how Ian used to be?”
“Wow look how much he has changed over the years!”
“He used to be so annoying. I think he’s changed he’s really changed!”
Tone of voice! You are remembering when! That conversation, you are visualizing you are talking to someone, a friend, talking about somebody else who currently, in physical reality, seems to be “bad” in some form – seems to say hurtful things. Then you put them in a state, you think you are putting them in a state, but I already explained that.
You are changing your perspective of this person. You are changing how you feel about them. They will become the embodiment of what you impressed.

Now to do the impress you speak out loud while your attention is at the heart until there is a feeling, because the heart responds to your words. Words are just sounds, and sounds have frequencies, and the heart registers these frequencies as feelings.

The words came after the feelings. The feelings were created before, we as humans came up with utterances to describe them. The apple existed before I come up with the word apple in English, and it will remain apple in every other language, it exists. So what you do is, you affirm it until you get a feeling. Try to make that feeling stronger than whatever you used to feel.
If it was a negative feeling, and you felt it for 3 hours. Try to feel positive for about 4 or maybe 5 hours. Try to get the energy to tip over. When you do that you will shift something within you. You will feel like your heart has just released something. It releases the old idea about this person. Now, when you shift into a positive mood you then move into thought. When I move into thought I literally become perfectly still, because we are told: BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM. So you move into your thought and you get that one thought. It’s one thought like: WOW ISN’T IT WONDERFUL THAT TOM HAS MANIFESTED A BRAND NEW HOUSE.

Tom could be a beggar on the street and he has nothing to eat. He could have no home. He could be sleeping on the street. And you experience that he has a new home, and a new job. and you convince yourself that he does. You don’t need physical evidence. NO. You need the feeling. Feeling is the BOSS.

So everytime you think of Tom you impress yourself, you have this statement ready, you have this visual ready. You impress yourself. It will take energy, it will take time, and it will take faith. What do you think faith is. Faith is the feeling of your wish fulfilled.
The feeling that this person has whatever he wants. That’s faith. It’s a feeling of joy and certainty. You look the thought inwardly. When you meditate you look the thought inwardly again, attention at the heart until virtue goes out of you. That’s how Neville puts it, for me I find myself breathing like this whoooosh as though there’s this energy just going out.

It takes practice, but you will be able to feel it. You will feel like this flow over the heart, and it’s like a jolt, a mild electrocution. Everytime you do that the feeling will be stronger than any feeling you had in the past, and this new feeling will obliterate the thought and whatever energy it had. If you are consistent you get whatever you want. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just put everything on the same level. And stop calling your manifestations “BIG”.
Remember your true self is the one manifesting. Your true self is not the body. It’s not the brain. Your true self is the Creator.

The bible is very clear: You are the temple of the living God. It should have been obvious. Everybody tells you. When you ask someone: “Where does God live? God lives in heaven. Then Jesus said, ‘The kingdom of heaven is within you.’ ” If the kingdom of heaven is within me, and God lives in heaven, then where does God live … in me! ahhhh So everything I experience, God experiences? Ok! So if i want God to give me something I don’t supplicate? NO!

Mark 11.22 Whatsoever you desire when you pray believe you have received it and you will. It doesn’t even mean you have to be a good person. You don’t have to be nice. You just have to feel you already have it and you get it.

So I do consults for my client [ You Tube skipped ] and your energy will be so fantastic and people will be able to feel it. They will know something changed. You look like you’re growing. You are in a completely different space, because you are positive. You are seeing everyone from a positive state of being. It takes practice; you don’t have to be perfect. Go easy on yourselves. People are so hard on themselves. It’s not you manifesting. It’s the Creator within you, and that Creator just wants to experience. That Creator is I AM which is a conjugation. It’s a first person, present tense, conjugation of the verb “TO BE” and beingness is feeling. The Creator is feeling everything – FEELING. You want the Creator to give you anything you want on earth. FEEL the Creator is within you. Feel like you have it, and the Creator will feel like he/she has it and BANG.

9. I’m trying to break bad habits like late night eating, and too many processed foods. it’s a big battle for me. how can I use imagination to help me overcome this?

JK: Get everybody in your family, everybody who knows you in that state, to see you at the exact weight you want. Of course if you are trying to lose weight, get them to mirror back to you and say: “WOW YOU LOOK AMAZING .. WOW YOU LOST WEIGHT”. Whatever you want to experience internally get yourself to feel like you already achieved that.

You just visualize your mother, brother, friends – you impress them mirroring back to you. They are your mirror. They are out picturing from you. They tell you: “OMG you used to eat a.b.c.d. … you used to eat this that and the other. WOW YOU CHANGED SO MUCH”.

If they are exclaiming, they are seeing a difference in your energy then you must have shifted, but you do it consistently and then one day they will mirror it back to you. The more energy work you do, the less physical work you might end up doing. Sometimes you will activate a state, and you might end up going to the gym. That’s ok. Neville is very clear, all the means used to get you what you want are good. The habits will break because you activated a state where you remember when I used to have them, but it’s so wonderful that I don’t have those habits anymore.

10. John do we need to stop thinking about the desire at one stage so it can manifest?

JK: Yes. Six days of creation – one day of sabbath when God rests. The God within you is creating your reality as you. The God within you has convinced himself, herself, itself that it is human and so has human desires, and wants this and that and the other. But when you create, and you create, and you create, you get to this point of conviction where you don’t feel like creating. You just know it’s done, then you let it go and you aren’t thinking about it at all for a period of time. You will find it will pop out of the woodwork, and find yourself exactly where you wanted to be. There is that little period of … I’ve planted my seeds and now you let it grow.

11. Do you have to be in meditation to revise?

JK: No. But you do have to be in a good mood though. Anything can use to put you in a good mood – just watch a comedy and you’re laughing. Tears of joy are pouring down your eyes. Use that moment to sneak in a quick revision. Why? Because that excitement .. that extreme joy is the point of least resistance. Meditate on it, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

12. Is it necessary to imagine a scene with your specific person on a daily basis?

JK: Yes. Don’t make it feel like a chore that you are trying to get this specific person. NO. Try to feel happy now that you have everything you ever wanted. Why should it be a chore to feel happy? What if I wake up every single day and I say I am going to do everything in my power to be happy today. What’s wrong with that? Could imagining being with my specific person be one of those things that I need to do in order to be happy? Yes.

I am happy now. I don’t need the thing to come into my life first. People have this backwards, they say: “If I get my specific partner, if I get my money, if i get my health, then I’ll be happy”. NOOO!! Be happy now, and everything will sort itself out.

13. I want to manifest to come study with you for a month.

JK: If your Higher Self, your true self, feels that I am the perfect guide for you, the money will come out of nowhere. If you really, really want to work with me – if you want to study with me privately, Skype, it can happen. You can experience that we are exchanging emails which implies that you are one of my students. I have students that have permanent time slots in the week, and you can manifest it. Imagine your wish fulfilled and you should be able to do it.

14. Can you explain revision step by step?

JK: I think I did. If not I’ll do a separate video on that. I’m still trying to find time to do videos that are demonstrative, but it hasn’t been easy because of the one-on-one sessions. Sometimes I do 7-8 everyday. Before I went to Dubai I was doing about 10, you get really tired.

15. How can I stay in the wealth vibe if I don’t have money to eat?

JK: There’s a story – some lady didn’t have a meal and she set the table anyway. Put the plates on, and everything, and she imagined that there was this meal it was already there. She put it there on the empty plates. She probably used the sense of smell. There’s something about the sense of smell when it comes to food. You can feel yourself put the fork in and you can feel the deliciousness of the food.

The end state activates the means. Somebody will bring you the food. Or somebody will buy you take out, or somebody will give you the money to buy the food. That’s how the universe works. You go to the end. Experience already having the thing, and it will call forth whatever you want. It’s faith. Faith is loyalty to an unseen reality. Nobody else can see it, but you know that the energy you are putting there has to manifest because of who you really are!!
The first principle: Be still and know that I am God. That’s the first principle, because you know that the Father is within you, within everything, within everyone. You know that if I feel within myself that the Father has felt it, the Creator has felt it, it’s faith. It’s trust. You trust the Creator within you. The Creator within you has brought you this far. You didn’t know about the LOA then. He/she/it has brought you this far. So how about you trust that they know exactly what they are doing, because they do.

16. Is it possible to fly out there and study for a month?

JK: Yes, I guess so. If we organize it well, or, I could fly to wherever you are. It would be nice to do a bit more traveling this year.

17. What’s the most important affirmation?

JK: That’s a good one. The most important affirmation could be I AM God. Because that’s the truth. That’s the only truth that sets you free. I, and the Father are one. That’s the most important affirmation. Everything else trickles down from there. So if you get comfortable with that experience – Neville is very clear – God is your wonderful human imagination keyed low. The intensity of your imagination is low until you are able to control your thoughts, your energies. Then you will start feeling as though the intensity has been increased a little. It’s an experience called, in the bible it is called the RAPTURE. It actually happens in your skull. People think the world will divide itself, and in will come a superman like guy with a big book to judge you. Do not be lied to. The kingdom of heaven is within you. Everything happens from within, the activations within. The True Self will reveal themselves to you personally, but only when you acknowledge who you truly are.

I can share with you one mystical experience before I go.

I found myself in this world that was disintegrating. Everything was disintegrating, tornadoes, hurricanes, houses were being spun in the air, and I’m freaking out. How did I get here? The world looks as solid as this. There were craters in the road. Earthquakes were creating these sink holes that were swallowing up the cars. People were losing their lives. I’m freaking out because I know I’m next. So what did i do? I turned to the first principle: Be still and know I am God. I became perfectly still and affirmed I am God. It was the only thing I could do at the time.

You know what happened? Everything reversed itself. I’m standing on the street completely shocked. Everything reversed itself. The houses that had fallen stood straight up. The people that were dead stood up. The cars that were in the craters spurt out and they parked themselves on the streets. The holes sealed themselves, the tornadoes reversed themselves, and I’m standing there watching perfection. Everything was reversed, and everyone is walking on the street as if nothing happened. Then I found myself back into my physical body.

That’s where I learned the rewinding technique. I realized that the only thing that created this perfection, because I was projecting it, but I didn’t know I was projecting it. I seemed to be independent of my perception of what I’m seeing with the senses. That’s the illusion you are living here on this planet. You are over here, and everyone else is over there. The secret to manifestation is oneness. See everything as one energy, as one person experiencing itself as multitudes of nations. And when you affirm the truth of who you really are, you don’t affirm it to other people, they won’t believe you anyway. They will only believe it when you believe it. They will see you that way. Until then you create a feeling within yourself to connect with the True Self.

By the way, you will notice that when you meditate and you pretty much clear all your thoughts .. when you get to that place, when you have no thoughts at all for hours, you will find that you literally become your True Self. When you get out of that meditation after you’ve been in it for a while the intuition will work. The thoughts you have will be clear, guided, focused. You will find yourself; life will seem to work really, really well. You will make choices that will lead to results and get you manifesting stuff quickly.

Everybody seems to be too busy engrossed in the physical world itself. I get it, we have bills to pay, but as a spiritual person try to balance 50-50. At least 50% spiritual with 50% material. If you don’t balance one of them, if you don’t balance the material you know how Jesus puts it ‘Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasars’.
The tax man will come knocking. The person that wants their rent will come knocking. You need to balance. Even if you are spiritual. Oh, I can manifest anything I want; there still that balance that needs to be done – and when you do it, you will be happy on so many levels.

18. Should we visualize in 1st or 3rd person view?

JK: 1st view. See yourself like this from above. You see the arms, the hands, exactly the way you see yourself in your normal physical experience. That’s exactly how you should see yourself as you are visualizing. Don’t change it, keep it that way, and you should be able to get whatever you want.

19. Is impressing enough to manifest anything?

JK: Yes. You can manifest anything as long as you activate the state. There could be a bridge of events . You might have to meet this person, or you might have to do stuff, you might end up going to places, you might attract teachers like myself. I could be a part of some bridge of events, some state that you activated, and I’m placed in your reality to guide you to a certain level and when you get there you will find another teacher to be taken to the next level. So, yes, you activate the state. The state has contents, events, situations, feelings, thoughts and people. Everybody will be assembled to help you fulfill your goal.

20. How to get my ex back if she is already with a new boyfriend, and even she doesn’t talk to me when we see each other daily at work?

JK: Do you know there’s a lady, 2 years ago, she loved her person so much and yet things seemed to go the other side . He seemed to become more and more distant. Then he got married to somebody else. When someone gets married you might think that your energy, that whatever you imagined won’t come to pass. Think again! Imagining creates reality. That feeling in your heart, as long as it is not obliterated by an equal, but opposite stronger feeling – if it stays there, that energy will linger until one day you will find yourself with that person. It could be one year later. In her case it was one year later, because he ended up getting a divorce because he was incompatible with that persron.

You see, if you are a spiritual person, and you are in love, and if God is love and you are a spirtual person who has evolved to this level .. at this point in your evolution you can’t randomly fall in love. If God is love, and you have gotten to that point where you are convinced where you are at this point, where you know you are one with source with God within, and this self has given you this very strong desire to love a specific person and that person seems to be doing other things .. hanging out with other people it’s a lie .. it’s an illusion .. it’s a test. Neville always says test yourself to see that you are keeping with the faith. You disregard anything on the outside that seems to be the opposite of what you are creating regardless of what it is. If this feeling of “I love this person” has been given to you there’s a reason for it. And that reason will manifest somehow. It could be one year later; it could be 6 months later; it could be 6 weeks later. It doesn’t matter, you trust that the being that gave you the feeling also has the means to fulfill it.


I bid you adieu. I wish you all lots of love, lots of blessings, lots of joy. Let everything you touch, everything you choose to create, create joy for yourself and other people. Lots of joy, relief, peace, positive energy ok? And may you be able to manifest anything you want because you are worthy of it because we are told you are Gods.

Psalm 82.6 You are Gods. All of you children of the most high all of you. If you are children of the most high that means the most high.

Would you consider a child going to the father saying ‘I’m hungry I need bread’ , and the father, who loves his child, says ‘nahhh I’ll give you a stone’. NO!! You get exactly what you create, what you feel you already have. That’s the law. You follow that law regardless of the appearance on the outside.

I just told you that I was standing on the street and everything is disintegrating. If I had accepted that reality I would have probably have experienced dying. Which that too is an illusion. You can’t die because of your immortality. You are immortal. How can you be a child of the most high and not be immortal? If that reality I found myself in was not real the one you are currently experiencing that is hurting you so much isn’t real either.

Lots of love! Lots of blessings! I will talk to you next week.