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Transcript of Livestream #1

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A lovely lady, Vonda Mackenzie transcribed the video above. Have a look:

1. How is your life financially after finding Neville?
JK: Fantastic. Never this secure. I use the principles in At Your Command. I do the I AM meditation.
Your energy becomes flexible, and I affirm I am financially secure.

2. What have I been manifesting lately?
JK: I have been sustaining. I am content. Maintaining on many levels especially love life. Sustaining positive self talk.

3. What’s your take on letting go?
JK: It is done for you. When you are manifesting, you impress over and over again. When you properly impress your subconscious will start to distract you. You will become very busy elsewhere. When that happens, you are probably preparing your manifestation. Letting go is done for you. You feel a conviction that it’s done.

4. What are your thoughts on scripting?
JK: You get a pen and book you write in past tense. You could start writing: I am grateful now that ….has manifested. Write it over and over.
As you write it, it becomes a meditation because the contents of that state will be shown to you. Memories, events will be shown to you as you write.
When you find this 4D in your mind, when you focus on them, and turn it into a 3D, you wrap yourself around the imaginal scene. That’s how I use scripting, to get into the mood. Access the contents of the state, and a particular scene.
Then I meditate and surround myself with it ~ experience that I’m in it. I create a memory and it’s done. You get your manifestation.
If you over do the writing meditation, then you may find you are recreating the writing itself. The subconscious is a creature of habit.

5. I have a question about manifesting. What if it’s more fear and you have a hard time not thinking about it?
JK: If you are having a hard time with thoughts you just have to meditate. Best way: Lie flat on your back and breathe like this in through the nose .. out through the mouth really, really slowly.
When you breathe in you send energy down to your heart and to your tummy. You will feel like you are sinking into the bed. Drop your attention to the heart. After 20 / 30 minutes the thoughts will vanish. Neville calls it the feeling of gathered togetherness. That’s all you ever need. You transcend the state of fear into a state of being. You have transcended all the mental states. When you move above them you feel this neutral feeling in your heart. When you get there, the I Am state, you might hear a few thoughts left but they won’t elicit a response. You just calm down. That’s all you need.. no props .. nothing outside of you .. no binaural beats .etc.

6. Is it tough to immigrate to another country and find a good job there?
JK: It depends, imagine your wish fulfilled first. Imagine a contract, green cards, put your name on the card that implies you are working in that country.

7. I managed to manifest my specific person 4 times, and the most recent was during the holiday. It never lasts for long. He says he never has the time.
JK: If you manifest it before, you should be able to do it again. The only thing that stops relationships from working is SELF TALK! The idea is, you never say anything bad about them EVER. Even if they say something that annoys you, revise it within yourself.
This person is everything to you. If you say: He never has time for me. He’s always working. That creates strong feelings, and it creates problems. You have to keep monitoring your thoughts. You have to keep thinking the opposite thought to fix things.

8. Could you please talk about signs.
JK: Neville says they follow, they do not proceed. Basically, you only get signs after you activate the state. E.g. I want a new car. I see myself driving the new car. The signs would be I start seeing the car on the streets everyday – someone else could be driving. I activated the mental state of the car, and suddenly this car is everywhere. The signs still only come through when the state is active within you.

9. What does it feel like when you are close to your manifestation?
JK: You get this conviction and knowing that it is done. It’s a specific feeling you know it’s done. When you know it’s done, you don’t feel like impressing anymore. You don’t. You feel like chilling. And if something goes wrong you point at it and laugh because you know its done. You have this neutral feeling. You are busy elsewhere. You won’t see it coming.
You use the mood of excitement like being congratulated. If that’s your mood, you won’t be excited before the manifestation happened. You could feel doubt for a short period, but the doubt isn’t because something is going wrong, but because there is a context being prepared in order for you to experience the excitement.

10. How do you remain in the state of being with your love when your 5 senses keep noticing the opposite?
JK: You have to shut them out! Every physical moment is a manifestation .. which means it’s in the past.
True creation is happening in the level of imagination.
There’s no way I can be here without planning this on some level. If you see something has manifested that you don’t like, don’t take it too serious because this whole thing is just a manifestation anyway; none of it is real.
So you can say, ‘Ok I’ve experienced this .. it sucked. I will not accept it though. I will meditate and revise it’. The exact opposite scene into your memory and the feeling is stronger .. if the feeling is stronger the energy will change. Neville calls it repeal. If you revise the day it results into a repeal.

11. Is feeling good and believing enough for manifesting a specific person? Should we also be doing techniques?
JK: You have to change the memories. If you don’t change the memories you don’t change your life. Anything that was said or done that hurt you in the past, revisit it and plant a new memory in it’s place.

12. Can someone’s personality be really changed using impress .. if everyone has the same opinion about this person?
JK: Oh God YES absolutely. Everybody changes. You don’t interact with an individual; you interact with a state that this individual is currently expressing.
So I used to be different 10 years ago; I am not the same person as now. When I became spiritual that’s when my relationship worked. She was always consistent. I wasn’t. I thought I had this whole ego thing going. So I changed. It requires a rehabilitation of the mind for change, complete new dialog, self talk that’s what changes. Yes people can change.

13. What’s the easiest way to manifest money?
JK: The easiest way to manifest money is to experience what you did with it. If I want an IPhone, I go straight to the IPhone. I start interacting with it. That will call for the $550 for the phone.
When you activate the state you don’t get the exact money, probably more. Higher Self always gives you more money than you ever need.

14. How to keep yourself in a state .. or how to help yourself in a panic state?
JK: Oh by the way panic, depression, frustration, desperation, any negative state, all lower states, just means you have lost energy. There’s a certain level of inner energy you are supposed to have to be happy. So when you find yourself in such a state that means your energy has gone down because you are thinking too much. Each thought uses up energy that you need to move around. So if you are frustrated your energy is going down. If it’s going down – there is a hierarchy.
1st: I AM
2nd: Beingness (mood / feeling) in the heart, the senses .. whatever they are picking up – whatever you think is reality. Which is imaginal reality experienced through the machinations of the brain. If your brain is programmed that you are a nice positive person that is what you are going to experience or express. It doesn’t mean that’s who you are. Imagination is at this level.
3rd: Physicality – what you experience after what you imagine.
Feeling is the secret. Feeling must come from above.
Sometimes you can’t get to this feeling directly by saying I am this … or I am that.
What you do is you try to do anything to raise this energy. Some people go to the gym. For some people it’s singing. When you’re feeling bad the last thing you want to do is sing. That’s EXACTLY what you must do. Force yourself to sing because music is a particular vibration. A high vibration.
When you start singing your energy will go up.
Also you can learn how to breathe. Meditate and that energy will go away. If you have a lot more positive energy in your system you will feel happier.
Also, you can sit in a particular position and imagine you are sitting underneath the sun. You will feel golden energy coming down. After 20 minutes you will feel this glow of energy coming down. Staying in meditation basking under the sun some point you will get distracted. When you get distracted you will think it didn’t work .. it did. Later on, a couple of hours, you find yourself in a state of excitation, you will feel energized, and you will know this joy. You activated a certain energy level. This can also manifest a trip to the beach. The idea is take some energy first. When you take some energy your joy energy goes up and your thought levels (doubt, fear or panic ) levels go down. Follow the hierarchy – the I AM .. the mood comes first .. you play with that and everything else trickles down.

15. I am manifesting a friend exactly like my hubby who is no longer on earth. Can you say something about it? And do you know my hubby is somewhere?
JK: How do you know he’s not the same person?
If you feel he is so similar he could be your hubby. We are playing this game in eternity, anybody can be anybody. I don’t know where your hubby is.
Neville teaches us that when people transition this level they just continue to another level. They continue doing their thing – they don’t realize they are dead.

16. Can we manifest things out of thin air?
JK: Not at the current state of consciousness humanity has. Your state of consciousness has to get really high to do that.

17. Why do passing thoughts manifest so quickly compared to consistent thoughts you’ve been trying to manifest?
JK: Passing thoughts manifest so quickly because the thought is not the first cause. Neville explains this. Neville likens conscious creation to an egg. The egg has everything it needs in order to become a child / chick, but it’s dead. If that egg is not fertilized it will be expelled. A sperm enters the egg without using a door. When it gets into the egg suddenly the egg gets fertilized. No one knows what happens when it gets in there, but the egg has been fertilized and suddenly it is alive. Because it’s alive it will grow into a child and that child will manifest 9 months later right?

The reason he uses this example as an analogy is because the egg is a state. A state is 4 Dimensional. It has events, it has thoughts, it has feelings everything already constructed and finished, but you on this level are not aware of it. Your consciousness is the sperm. When you enter the egg .. when you enter that state and think from it and observe using touch, sight, sound you have activated that state. You have made it alive. Any thoughts that existed in that state will seem to be specifically what is manifesting, and yet is part of a bigger state. I will explain more later.

18. What is your opinion on what you want / what you desire?
JK: Desire comes from your Higher Self, it’s a gift. As long as you desire something it’s your Higher Self, or your inner being, telling you that it’s something that you are going to experience, but only if you allow it in. You are going to find that if you don’t imagine your wish fulfilled you could stay in desire mode for 5 years. On the other hand, if you feel your wish fulfilled then it will manifest. I guess you could say I want something because someone else has it, and it wasn’t really your desire. E.g. your neighbor gets a red car and you say I’m also going to get a red car, either way you’ll activate the state and the desire will come even if it wasn’t there originally.

19. Can you change the mind of someone who does not want to be in a committed relationship?
JK: That’s not how this works. The version of the person you have in your reality is just a version of the person. There are multiple versions of the same person. So when you are imagining don’t think of it as influence, think of it as YOU activating your state within yourself, something that makes you feel happy. What the Universe does with that is entirely up to it. So you aren’t changing a person, you are changing your projection of that person.

20. How can I manifest a very specific outcome with my person involving curing him from pain and anxiety.. how can I approach impressing it?
JK: What caused the pain? If it was an accident you go back in history. That moment is there. A part of his soul is stuck in that moment. You go back there, and you change the moment, and you just retrieved that energy and it returns to him.
Neville tells the story of the lady who spent 30 years of back pain because she fell off a swing. I think it’s in Law and the Promise read that story. She didn’t try to fix the back. She didn’t acknowledge there was something wrong with the back. Instead she went back 30 years into the past and felt herself on the swing again, and then she landed on her feet completely changing the timeline. She wiped out whatever she experienced for 30 years just by changing that one moment.

21. I want to focus on Neville, but I am finishing graduate school. There is so many critical readings and theories not anymore appealing to me but I need to finish my thesis.
JK: Yes finish your thesis. If you find Neville you are going to find at least for a while you will be very satisfied. Because he gives us so much, and it’s very theoretical as you are going through it. When you start experiencing it at some point you feel you don’t need to read Neville anymore because the experience itself is larger than somebody narrating, like if someone tells you what they experienced in their life. It is not the same thing as you experiencing it yourself.

22. Please explain how I can be in one place and see myself from another .. the way Neville describes being in CA and being in NY.
JK: I will explain that this way: if you are in CA and this is NY (props) basically you send your imaginal self, or your astral self, to one position, but when it arrives there the self talk it offers is of the physical self.

If I imagine myself in the next room, but I’m physically here the only thing that proves that I’m actually there is my self talk, my dialog that I am physically here. If I’m physically here (in the next room) then I think of where I used to be. Because that’s how manifestation works. You always assume you are the physical person that has the thing. Every time you are the physical person that has the physical thing that you want. It takes practice.

I have manifested lots and lots of things. Even this lens .. I manifested it by assuming I’m holding it (that’s my CA I guess) then I’m telling it you are the most perfect lens in the world, I love you. That experience that I’m the owner of the lens will bring the lens. Somebody can give it to you as a gift, or someone will give you the money to buy it. That’s how this stuff works, it works every time.

23. Is it normal to go through depression while you’re in the beginning of the awakening process?
JK: It is lonely, it is a very very lonely journey. It is lonely, but depression is a bit much ok?
If you’re depressed it could mean that maybe you don’t have a strong grasp of the info and so you are imagining wrongly. There is a way for this stuff to work. Every single time you feel depressed it means your energy is low which means you haven’t mastered meditation. If you meditate your energy will go up. So if you are trying to manifest – stop trying to manifest – and instead meditate – master meditation.

In At Your Command, Neville teaches us the I AM Technique. I basically lie on my bed and breathe and say I AM and breathe out with my attention at the heart. If you do that one meditation for days, when you start out you don’t do it for minutes or hours, do it for days! When you do it for days you’ll get out of that feeling. And only when you get out of that feeling of depression is when you will be able to manifest and move onto the next level.

You don’t need anything, no drugs, or anything on the outside, you only need to find your I Amness. When you say I AM you activate a state of being within yourself. You are just being. That state of being is beyond duality which means it is beyond health vs sickness .. feeling good vs bad. I used to wear glasses. I didn’t necessarily imagine my eyes cured I just stayed in that I AM state for a while and then one day I picked up the glasses, I put them on, and they caused the blurriness. It’s a very powerful state you’ll have activations within yourself your energy will start changing. You’ll have mystical experiences. Only I Aming will prove to you who you really are.
Read that book AT YOUR COMMAND. It was my bible for 6months. I cannot recommend that book enough. It is very powerful. All this imagination stuff comes later when there is a flow within yourself. You have proved there is a 2nd being within you.

Most people think they are their bodies. We are not our bodies we have to prove this first. That activation will be your third eye activating. You will feel energy shifting around within yourself just by meditating on I AM which is God’s name.

24. What lead you to Neville life event?
JK: It’s a very long story. It’s on my website. Go to my website www. john My Spiritual Journey I wrote it out.

25. How can you manifest your soulmate? Do you imagine he is in your life currently? Do you have mental conversations with him? Do you imagine him living with you?
JK: I did a video on my YT channel – How to sustain a blissful relationship.
You start sustaining the blissful relationship before you get the person. That’s living in the end. ok?
You can have conversations. You can experience things before it manifests. When it does manifest it will be the perfect depiction of exactly what you used to say.
You assume you do have your soulmate.
What’s the self talk like? Wow this guy really is my soulmate. I used to imagine him in my life. Look at him here now.
That’s the CA thing we talked about earlier. I knew it would come back again. When you are imagining you are always reminiscing about how you used to imagine. To reap success – you must plant success.

26. Ideally how long should desires take to manifest?
JK: Habbukuk Chapter 2 Verse 3: Every vision has it’s own appointed hour, it will ripen, it will flower. If it seems long then wait .. for it is sure and it will not be late. Each state has it’s own appointed hour. There’s no defined time. You can’t say you are going to conceive today and you want your child tomorrow. There’s a 9 month period built into the system for a reason. That child has to grow and mature before it can be pushed out.

27. Can you change your physical appearance?
JK: I have a client, we have worked together for months from the techniques we have been sharing. She has grown an extra inch. She willed herself to be taller. If she can do that you can do anything. Your body obeys you. There is a hierarchy. There’s the imagination, imaginal stuff or energy, and the body or physical manifestation. As long as you follow that hierarchy you should be able to transform your body if you want to. It takes faith though .. it takes faith, it takes patience .. people have been able to lose weight as long as you can believe it’s possible to manifest it.

28. I manifested my specific partner back and forth too but now the dynamic is different because now there’s a 3rd party.
JK: Well .. here’s the thing. The 3rd party is always a manifestation of your own insecurities. This person will have to choose. If you really manifested them back, their energy, how they see you, how they feel about you should be enough for you to experience being alone with him or her. Ok ? You just have to be persistent. If you love someone and they love you back – that’s it. Nothing else is required. So anything else that was debris will just fall away.

29. If you are heavily into Neville’s work do you need to goal set or can you just set your conscious mind to create anytime?
JK: I create all the time. Yes you can set goals of course. Don’t think of them as goals think of them as achievements. They are always achievements, never goals. You always go to the end! For example, last year I set for myself a financial goal at the beginning of the year. So I went to the end of the year in consciousness and reminisced about how wonderful my year was. I achieved my goal at the end of October. Because I had assumed I had achieved it at the beginning of the year. You always move ahead along the timeline and experience whatever you want to experience.

30. I’m thinking of going into a 10 day complete seclusion to manifest money. What can I do in the 10 day period?
JK: Why 10 days, why not 9, why not 11?
You manifest money by appropriating the feeling of abundance which literally feels like your heart is swollen. So that feeling can manifest .. your money .. your experience in 3 days .. in 4 days .. it doesn’t have to be 10. The idea is, understand it is the mood you have to wear day in and day out, and you never say anything bad about money EVER! You always say money is good, positive energy, something you love. Treat money as a person and you will be able to manifest it.

31. Does energy travel?
JK: Yes. Everything you think is part of this construct. Your thoughts create this energy and this energy can be received across the continents. For example, last week I was trying to contact a certain person, and in the middle of typing a message on messenger they messaged me and said Hi .. I just found myself thinking about you. I was laughing with my significant other. The activation of the state, the other person intuitively felt they should send me a message. It happens to a lot of people.

32. Can you save this video?
JK: It will be available afterwards. I have just an hour though. We can try to do this every week. Let me know if that is something that you would like.

33. Did you manifest something and think OOPS i didn’t want that exactly? How did you correct it?
JK: Oh yes! With revision! Revision is basically any disappointment, any vexation, of the day must never be accepted as final, not in a virtual reality. So if anything goes wrong you can always undo it. And it’s actually better to notice what has happened with your energy before something manifests. For example, I was moving around in the studio, and I got this impression or visual of my IPad dropping. Two hours later it physically dropped in the exact same spot. Now when such things happen you have to find a way to prevent it. I could have prevented it. How? I call it a rewinding technique. That drop is a spill of your own energy. And what you do is you collect your energy back. You unspill it, and you will it to return into your being, and you do it over and over. The IPad drops and you will it to come back into your hands until you are very sure. It is all happening visually. Physical manifestation is always following that energy, your mental energy.

The world is messed up because someone has imagined it that way. And you as conscious creators have the power to imagine a more positive and beautiful world. All these things that you think you are manifesting are just training wheels. You are probably going to use your energy to help people in some way, your community. Learn these techniques. manifest the phones, the cars , the boyfriends whatever. The point is learn that that’s how life works then use this energy – then use this power to make the world a better place.

So the IPad drops .. I must pick it up in imagination until I feel there is no drop of that imaginal energy left. If all of it returns to me it will never drop. That plus supporting it with positive self talk. I imagined my IPad dropping but it never did. I am thankful that it didn’t. See? So you can cancel the thing before it happens. Prevention is better than cure.

34. Can we manifest telekinesis?
JK: The videos are on YouTube, go have a look.

35. What is mind?
There is a lecture on inner conversations, I’m forgetting it, but basically Neville is quoting the bible. He says in the 50th psalm to him who orders his conversations are right I will show the salvation of God. So he later on likens mind to whatever we call the imagination or I call it the matrix. If you notice that you can’t imagine something that doesn’t exist it means that since we are told that eternity was placed in the minds of man everything that you are imagining is part of a particular construct. It is a virtual reality like a video game as long as you can imagine it on the physical it is part of mind, its one big mind game.

Intuitively I know there are levels above what we currently experience as mind. I know it can be explained in different ways because they will say subconscious mind, superconscious minds, they will try and break it down in so many ways but the point is the mind is whatever you can imagine whatever you can sense. It’s all mind. Its all astral energy.

36. If you think about someone for a whole hour will they feel it?
JK: It’s easy to experiment. Choose somebody you care for, somebody in your family, and you tell them I’m going to think about you for an hour. I’m going to project energy and see if they feel it.
I played a game with my significant other. We got cards and I would shuffle the cards and pick one card and send the visual to her 3rd eye, the color, and doing this guessing game and 60-65% of the time she would either guess the color, guess the suit or the number. It wasn’t always accurate, but it was accurate enough to prove that some form of telepathy exists.

37. How do we not victim blame? In other words, how do you explain this without the other person feeling like it is their fault that bad situations are in their life.
JK: The victimization mentality only exists before you discover that everyone is divine. If everyone is part of the divine, and is literally THE divine, then everything that we experience as part of mind, as part of states, as part of characters, we are playing here has nothing to do with who we really are. So if I see the person for who they really are as imagination, as infinite consciousness, I will never blame them. I will also never be a victim to whatever they have done because I know I am creating my reality.

38. Regarding a specific person, do we attract the same person but in a different reality and we should ignore what is now?
JK: Think of it this way, I will use my keyboard to show you. Think of the current timeline you are on as a sequence of events one after the other, after the other. Now because from the current state of consciousness you probably can’t see the forest for the trees. If you can see this entire thing from above you would see other time lines parallel to the one you are on. Now if you are on a timeline that you don’t like then you literally imagine yourself on a different timeline. You observe that other state. You observe everything. Use your senses to experience what another version of you is experiencing. It seems confusing, but it’s actually a matter of just imagining you are there.

Now what happens is you are going to have this other persons memories and yours will be down graded to like mere possibilities. They won’t feel like something you actually experienced. When you make that timeline stick, the contents of that timeline will be experienced by you, but the one you were on before is not really wiped out it continues existing. Your Higher Self experiences every choice you make and every choice you don’t make.

39. How can we become very successful and wealthy if we are in sales?
JK: You are going to notice that most of the really successful people in the world work for themselves. It’s a pattern, notice it. You are in sales, you want to be extremely successful. Chances are you will branch out into entrepreneurship, but before you do that you will want to ride it out. You will have one foot in sales and one foot in whatever business or venture you want to do. Potentially, your ability to experience success might be directly proportionate to how many people benefit from your idea. The more people that benefit from your energy the more financial success you experience as well because of that exchange of value.