Manifesting made easy.


You decide.

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I was having a “lucid” dream as is seemingly routine these days and something happened (I don’t remember what) that made me realize that I was dreaming.

Immediately I leaped up in the sky and started flying.

For some reason I convinced myself I was heading to Bangladesh, a place I have never been before. (Maybe that’s the reason!  )

Anyway as I was busy flying above the clouds, I noticed a little tear in them revealing a familiar house down below:

My childhood home.

Only difference is that this one had a chimney. We do not NEED chimneys in Uganda!!! It’s equatorial climate for God’s sake!

Consciousness followed vision and I allowed myself to land in the compound.

I looked around and noticed some subtle differences: the positioning of particular flowers, the position of the gate which I walked through to discover our backyard was larger and totally re-designed.

I looked around for any signs that I might just be dreaming but there were none. I have had lucid dreams where the sun seemed to have a slightly purple shade, convincing me that I was just making this up.

Not THIS sun.

Everything was the same as home. Only different.

I walked into the house and was greeted warmly by my mum who seemed to imply that she hadn’t seen me for a while. I wasn’t sure how long I was gonna be here but I wanted to take the opportunity to explore while I still could, all along engaging a woman who is convinced I am her son.

She was busy cleaning familiar chairs, the ones we had when I was a child and I kept asking her questions about “my” life in a tricky way such that she doesn’t catch on.

She told me about some accident I had and then tried to check the top of my head to see how far along the scar was at healing. Realizing that I probably don’t have a scar there, I dodged her, changing the subject.

The lack of a scar would have definitely convinced her I was an imposter and then all hell would break loose.

I asked her what the date was and she threw me a surprised look so I simply turned to the displayed calendars and tried to stifle the shock of realizing that it was:

7th March 1963!!!

I wasn’t even born yet! Okay this was going to be fun! 

I started moving from room to room. Each was arranged differently: our garage had also been turned into a bedroom. I was given trivia about many of our family members, people I know and love but here they were total strangers, having lived completely different lives.

At some point I felt as though my consciousness was “ready to leave”. So I sat down and closed my eyes, bracing myself for an experience I am used to: the feeling of “moving backwards into myself”.

I felt myself awaken but when I opened my eyes I was still in this world. So solidly real to myself that I could see the pores in the skin on my hand.

The “dream” was still going on.

I knew this wasn’t a dream! I knew I was having yet another mystical experience.

There was a baby in one of the rooms sleeping peacefully. I felt stupid asking whose baby it was because I realized that “mum” would obviously assume I know. So instead I asked:

“How has the baby been doing lately?”

And as mum went on and on about her she divulged the information about who the parent was. In my “reality” this person has no children.

Hours seemed to pass and there was simply no sign that I was going to find my way “home”. An old TV was showing some random sports game, a game “this woman” was clearly interested in.

My real mum NEVER watches sports!!

Also I could have sworn I heard my cousin’s voice calling me from “the other side”.

I realized that if I stayed in this world any longer, people at home would find my little body and pronounce me dead and yet, to myself, I am very much alive in a terrestrial world similar to home.

I remembered what Neville said in a similar experience he had that: “feeling is the secret” so I asked “mum” if I could lie down on her bed for a minute. She said: “sure”.

While on her bed, I imagined I was back home in my own house in the year 2014!!!

I could feel the familiar pillow.
I could see the sliding doors to my balcony.
I could see the familiar light.

I also knew that if I managed to return my body would be cataleptic, completely immobile at least for a few seconds. So I braced myself for this experience which i knew so well from my past “travels”.

Within a few seconds I could FEEL myself awaken but this time I didn’t feel myself “move backwards into my body”, I seemed to move forward as though I arrived into it through my back, seeing as I was sleeping on my side.

I was back! 

No catalepsy. Just normal awakening. First thing I wondered is:

what will happen to my “other body”?

Will she find me “dead” in her bed?

If not, will that woman’s real son come home one day and find his mum delusional as she insists she had seen him recently?

While I don’t have all the answers, I can not deny what I’ve experienced. This is the 4th time I am willing myself to awaken from a “dream” that just won’t end on it’s own!