Manifesting made easy.


Welcome to the first of daily Neville excerpts that we shall be deciphering.

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“This book contains the very essence of the Principle of Expression.

Had I cared to, I could have expanded it into a book of several hundred pages but such expansion would have defeated the purpose of this book.

Commands to be effective – must be short and to the point: the greatest command ever recorded is found in the few simple words, “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’

In keeping with this principle I now give to you, the reader, in these few pages, the truth as it was revealed to me.”


I love this book! This book was my Bible for about 6 months. I used to read it every single day.Paragraph after paragraph. I would spend at least one hour on just one paragraph.
This book stirred the “I AMness” within me and I hope it can do the same for you.

My intention is to do a daily blog post with a short video explaining all of Neville’s work through my experience. I AM blessed to have achieved tremendous success with the application of “The Law” and the completion of “The Promise”.

Once you REALLY understand this small book, At Your Command, you will realize enormous power within you.

My take away from this excerpt: “Commands to be effective – must be short and to the point.”

Esoterically what God said is “I AM LIGHT”

~ Rev Ike

Doesn’t get any shorter or more precise that this ^^ now, does it?

If you have ever used affirmations, you know how much easier it is to make yourself feel a certain way by simply saying:

  • I AM excited
  • I AM grateful
  • I AM relieved

When I was beginning my journey, I would get just one of these declarations and say it non-stop for about three days. I strongly suggest you try this. You will discover that:

  • Each feeling has a very specific registry within your body
  • The world on the outside responds to how you consistently feel.

Keep it short and simple and you will be able to train your mind to obey your conscious commands. There is no spiritual progress unless you master this first step.
I’ll catch you tomorrow for the next excerpt.

Love and blessings,