Manifesting made easy.

About Me

I AM an author and life coach on Spirituality, specializing in teaching others how to use their imagination to consciously manifest their desires.

On my YouTube channel there are videos that help people understand abstract spiritual concepts, which may be standing in the way of living their lives to the fullest.

By far, the most effective teaching and co-creating is through One-on-One sessions via skype or whatsapp.

After helping hundreds of people over the past 4 years, I have discovered that when there is real time interaction and feedback, most of my clients shift into a higher state of being faster.

Here is why:

  • We can only see the contents of our current state of consciousness. If you have a problem, all you can focus on are thoughts that match that problem. It is better to talk to someone who can see solutions you currently can not.
  • Everything on the outside is merely a reflection of what’s going on within your imagination. To change what you see in the mirror, you must change the face.
  • All physicality is an illusion. Both the good and the bad.
  • Nothing is final.

    Every broken heart can be mended.
    Every health problem can be reversed.
    Every broke person can become rich.
    All you need is absolute faith in the Being you really are.

My work is heavily inspired by Neville Goddard, who I regard to be my greatest teacher (so far), although, I have studied Abraham-Hicks, Neale Donald Walsch, Raymon Grace and other wonderful teachers.

You can read about my spiritual journey here.

What do the One-on-One sessions entail?

Joy! Lots and lots of joy!

I will lift you up by sharing my energy, experiences and countless manifestation stories and techniques with you. This is how it generally goes:

  • We talk about the problem as it is right now.
  • We come up with spiritual solutions on how to solve it.
  • We enter a guided meditation to apply these solutions.All you need is a bed or a couch and an open mind.
  • We shall do impresses together and you will shift into the feeling of your wish fulfilled, which I will teach you how to sustain.

If you are interested, send email to

I’ll talk to you soon,

PS: There is now a new package that is pure co-creation. No teaching. Here it is: