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Here is everything you need to know about manifesting love

Here’s another story:

A few years ago my friend told me that she had this on again, off again boyfriend who, basically, had other ladies besides her.

She really loved him, but thought it was impossible to get him to settle down with her.

I told her that the Being she really is, is the Source of all life and that this Being had the ability to achieve this goal for her.

Most people who have not yet experienced astral projection are unaware that, in truth they are all Imagination, and that we do not live in a Universe at all.

We live in a MULTI-verse.

A multi-verse where every conceivable reality already exists and is playing out at the same time as the life you are currently familiar with.

I taught her a special technique that allowed her to awaken her inner sense of hearing.

With this sense awakened, she discovered that everyone on the outside was really herself pushed out.

Including the ladies she thought were her rivals.

With the divine power of her imagination restored, she was able to go to the end and experience that she was now happily married to the man she loved.

To experience this state is to feelingly impress your subconscious that you already have it and only this genuine mood, persisted in, can activate and produce this state in your life.

Unknown to her, I created this outcome for her as well. All I did is listen attentively using my inner ear and felt the joy of her telling me of how perfect her wedding was.

One year later, everything manifested.

Here is how this happened…

1. She got pregnant. (I had imagined for her a baby boy). I drove her to the hospital myself (At 3 am in the morning), gave her affirmations of gratitude to help her live in the end of having successfully given birth.

She did. It was a very smooth labor and birth of a handsome son, who was born at exactly 7 am, something she felt was curious because everything important in her life had happened on either the 7th day of the month or within the 7th month of the year. Even her bachelor’s graduation happened on the 7th and don’t get me started on her own birthday!

2. When the boy’s father came to hold him for the first time, he was awash with emotion. He was beaming with love. He held his first born son for a few minutes, gave him back to the mother and then got down on one knee, produced a ring and said…

“Honey, will you marry me?”

Today, they are happily married with 2 children and they live in a house he built for her. Everything is possible to s/he who believes! What helped her is she learned how take her attention away from the other girls who wanted to “steal” her man!

Be strong! Your manifestation is on it’s way!


If you are manifesting love with a specific person, here is something you must know.
Since God is love, and YOU are love…. When you place another person in a state of love relative to you, you create an energy flow that must lead to that person being drawn to you.

In scripture we are told: “No man comes unto me unless The Father within me draws him”.

“The Father” that draws your current experiences to you is nothing but your own state of consciousness, which is pretty much a “mood”.

Now, when you create the mood “I love you” in another, you also activate within yourself a state that that person would deem worthy of his/her love.

In other words,..

You do not just change the other person, you change yourself.

You will become the personification of what the other person would love and you would do this effortlessly.

That person will continue to love you in as much as you continue to express qualities that s/he fell in love with to begin with.
In other words, we do not fall in love with people, we fall in love with states of consciousness these people express.
This literally means, any person, with the right amount of mental “fine tuning” can become whatever you envisioned your soul mate to be.

Yeah…I know, I know. It is easier to love certain people because of their upbringing, their paradigm of life. They relate to you because, on some level, your being together would further your evolution back to Oneness.

I noticed that, while I did not grow up with a Father, everyone else loved me sooo much, that I grew up with more than enough love to share with the World. It is programmed in me…but, I admit, it is merely a state.

The person who loves you is in a state. Your energy affects theirs and vice versa. Each of you animates the other, creating in that seeming other that which you love.

In other words, we are causing our loved ones to behave in a certain way, be it good, bad or indifferent.

Ever heard that expression: “S/He brought out the best version of me”. That is literally true. You will notice that you behave differently now as compared to a previous relationship you were in.

You have the power to manifest a specific partner. That person will love you because you will change and behave as that person would want you to and vice versa.

As long as you fully understand this, you will be set free from what others (who do not have a full understanding of how The Law works) have to say!

On Earth, you manifest what you believe to be true. For someone who has experienced all kinds of situations which others might deem “impossible”, I can categorically state that all man-made rules can be bent.

People will write entire books and build entire religions to convince you that something can not be done and yet you do it anyway.

Remember, our experience on Earth is an attempt to limit that which, by definition, is limitless. It is in its very nature to transcend every limit it has placed upon itself until it is back to its purest form.

You are going to discover that every truly enlightened being operates at a completely different level. This is because, having discovered within yourself, who “Source” truly is, you will know what the true laws are and what the imagined ones are.

At a certain point in your evolution, you are going to notice that all your earlier spiritual teachers no longer fully resonate. This is because experience has shown you something beyond their teachings.

I used to think people can not/ should not manifest love too. I was very convinced in the concept of “free will”, something that helps Man feel like s/he is in control.

In reality, things are far more complex than that.

What people call “free will” is really “free choice”. You have the power to select a mental state out of which to view the world…but once selected, you are under compulsion to fulfil the contents of that state whether you want to or not.

In other words… yes you can manifest anything you want…together with any other stories/dramas related to it. Most of which, you rarely see coming.

If the state activated is love, both you and the person loved will act in accordance to what each projects the other should be,do or have in order for the relationship to be sustainable.

Your energy animates his and vice versa.

This, of course, happens at a very high level of consciousness within us.

There is no rule in the Universe that decides for you who or what to love. That would completely go against what we all know intuitively:

Source is love.

If, at the very least, you are an extension of this love energy, then who or what you direct it to doesn’t matter because everything in the Universe is Source/ Love in form.

Here is a story Neville Goddard shared:

“Last August, while on a ‘blind date’ I met the man I wanted to marry. This happens sometimes, and it happened to me. He was everything I had ever thought of as desirable in a husband.

Two days after this enchanted evening,it was necessary for me to change my place of residence because of my work, and that same week the mutual friend who had introduced me to this man, moved away from the city. I realised that the man I had met probably did not know of my new address, and frankly, I was not sure he knew my name.

“After your last lecture, I spoke to you of this situation. Although I had plenty of other ‘dates’ I could not forget this one man. Your lecture was based on revising our day; and after speaking to you, I determined to revise my day, every day.

Before going to sleep that night, I felt I was in a different bed, in my
own home, as a married woman — and not as a single working girl, sharing an apartment with three other girls. I twisted an imaginary wedding band on my imaginary left hand, saying over and over to myself, ‘This is wonderful! I really am Mrs. J.E.!’ and I fell asleep in what was—a moment before—a waking dream.

“I repeated this imaginary scene for one month, night after night. The first week in October he ‘found’ me. On our second date, I knew my dreams were rightly placed. Your teaching tells us to live in the end of our desire until that desire becomes ‘fact’ so although I did not know how he felt toward me, I continued, night after night, living in the feeling of my dream realised.

“The results? In November he proposed. In January we announced our
engagement; and the following May we were married. The loveliest part of it all, however, is that I am happier than I ever dreamed possible; and I know in my heart, he is too.” . . . Mrs. am happier than I ever dreamed possible; and I know in my heart, he is too.” . . . Mrs. J.E.

—-NEVILLE in “The Law and the Promise”

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