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Hi Everyone, Lately I AM experiencing lots and lots of déjà vu and its quite amazing every single time. To be in a scene which you have experienced before is such a blatant "in your face" proof that every single moment of our lives…

My Spiritual Journey

I manifested bigger clients and more money. I was no longer trading. I was manifesting. That changed everything. Financial security followed, thanks to my spiritual consistency.

The Aura Technique

If you are having a bad day, forget that you have a body and tune into the infinite consciousness that you really are. Understand what your aura really is.

Supplement To The Aura Technique

I learned from Raymon Grace that if you are to perform a healing, all you have to do is give what's wrong an energetic form. You, then, transform that creation to something else and the situation will be fixed.

The Little Words

Thought is seemingly subtle energy; a secret in your mind. Or is it? What if it's much more than that?