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How to deal with insecurities.

How to transcend them?

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Insecurities are just air! We are making them all up! All of them.

Insecurities stem from the erroneous assumption that…

1. I AM my body!
2. I AM my story!

This is not true at all. The scriptures put it this way…

“Ye are gods…”
~Psalms 82:6

Why would gods be insecure about anything?

If I AM a god,….

  • I AM magnificent beyond measure.
  • I AM powerful beyond measure.
  • I AM divinity itself.

Where do insecurities fit into this equation?

All of them are learned and will be left on Earth. I’ve heard it all….

“I can not manifest my man because of ABC”
“I can not become rich because of ABC”
“I can not heal myself of ABC”

Here is the thing…

Both “I can” and “I can’t” are equally creative statements.One revises the other.

If somehow, you can learn to impress over your “I can’t” statements, replacing them with “I can”, all your insecurities will ultimately melt away!

Here is how to do it:

    • Catch yourself thinking or saying anything that would count as an insecurity.
    • Realise this is a limiting belief and if possible do not finish the statement.
    • Take a few deep breaths.
    • Say out loud “I can….” over and over until you feel relief.
    • Now repeat this statement in thought over and over until you feel relieved.
    • Repeat these steps every time insecurities pop up.One day, you will realise that you transcended the state that used to hold you back! I hope this helped.


  • If you feel you need guidance in a more practical way, send me an email to and we can schedule a skype call where I can guide you directly One-on-One. I have realised that most people eliminate most of this energy easier during guided meditations.
  • As always, I wish you a lovely day!