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Hi Everyone,

Lately I AM experiencing lots and lots of déjà vu and its quite amazing every single time.

To be in a scene which you have experienced before is such a blatant “in your face” proof that every single moment of our lives is predetermined.

In a way, manifestation can be likened to déjà vu because we get to find ourselves in a scene we predetermined ourselves.

The operative word being “Scene”.

At any one moment, we are in a 3D scene which our physical senses can pick up but… oftentimes our attention is not focused on what is in our immediate vicinity.

In such a case, where you are physically and where you are in imagination are misaligned.

While our thoughts are inner conversations that seem to be insignificant, they are actually future outer conversations and since we are all imagination, we have to be where we are in imagination and not where we are physically.

In other words, you can be in the most beautiful room in the World and not even realize it because your thoughts/attention are elsewhere.

While this is the commonest method of creating, it is actually the least effective, because the states out of which we think preceded the thoughts that belong there.

You see…by design (at least in 3D), we usually use thought re-actively.

Our senses pick something up and THEN we think/analyze basing on what is happening now. For instance..

No one can ever think/talk about an accident until it has happened and yet…after the fact, it is all you CAN think/talk about..and yet the moment has passed.

What happens here is that you are in a different space physically and yet your thoughts remained in the past OR, if the accident affected someone you know, you are currently moving across a bridge of events that follow activation of that state.

Once the state has been activated, you must partake of the contents of that state and, in most cases, the subplots contained therein are only revealed to you when it’s too late to turn back.

Where am I going with this?

The states are activated by an imaginal act/ scene…a three dimensional impression can be made on your subconscious whether you offer thought or not, and you’ll still get your manifestation.

In fact, not offering any thought seems to be even more consistent because, by design, your consciousness is here to observe already created “reality”.

Observation of reality is done through sensing. This is why hearing someone say something that implies you have achieved your goal is more powerful that mentally affirming that you have.

The former is an observation.

The latter CAN work, if you can simulate genuine excitement and that requires you to be an excellent actor in order to ignore the evidence of the senses and use looped thought to try to activate a state.

You might find it much easier to “ignore the evidence of the senses” by using the senses themselves.

Not only can you generate genuine relief very quickly, because thoughts are part of states, you will most probably reboot your entire system with minimal effort.

You will know that you have succeeded when, while you are consciously distracted, the inner conversations that bubble to your surface mind are flowing out of the new state, unaided by you.

You will be an observer of the new state before it externalizes in 3D as opposed to being one who is TRYING to make it happen through deliberate thought alignment.

The former feels like ease. The latter feels like work.
The former leads to assured manis. The latter is hit and miss.

Use your inner senses more than you use your own thought and, when you do, try to project what you are imagining out into the physical Universe. That is what has been most effective for me.

I wish you a lovely day. I love conscious creators. Thank you for being Who You Really Are most of the time.

Have a nice day.