Manifesting made easy.

How to open the inner ear

Step-by-step instructions

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“Pick a sample and slowly slide it in”


  • Plan out a very short phrase which, if said by another, would imply your desire was fulfilled. Forexample if you achieved a goal in life, your parent might say: “Hey, Congratulations, Chris!” Something they would never say unless they observed you in a new state.
  • Lie flat on your back. And think “I am sleepy” on loop and act it out. Feel your body sink into the bed. Feel yourself completely relax. Release all tension. Take a few deep breaths if it helps, in through the nose, out through the mouth.
  • Observe your inner vision get cloudy. Usually your eyes raise themselves automatically to focus in the space in between your eye brows. This is the seat of imagination, commonly referred to as the third eye. Sometimes you will see what looks like a dancing blue flame or pulsating golden rings. But even if you don’t, the idea is that your subconscious mind is more open to suggestion when you are in this lovely mood.
  • When you start feeling as though you are in between sleep and waking consciousness, sometimes it feels as though you are floating, start affirming in your own inner voice “Hey congratulations, Chris!” over and over.
  • Make sure you get the tone right, if it is something to be excited about, imagine that mood in. To understand what I mean, try screaming in your head. It will start out flat but once you become less self conscious, knowing no one can hear you, you can adjust to “genuine screaming”. Notice the change of mood. Try smiling outwardly, if that helps.
  • Now think of your dad and remember his voice tell you something he said in the past completely, unrelated to this, and “pick a sample” of it and slowly slide it in. It will feel fake at the start. It will feel forced. You will want to give up. You will get bored. Persist! After a little bit of focus you will find out that he is now saying what you wanted him to say. Again maintain the excited tone as he says: “ Hey, congratulations, John!” As you focus hearing, it will automatically focus sight. So don’t bother with other senses right now. They will sort themselves out.
  • After a little while of listening as though you heard, a certain feeling will come out of no where and run through your body. That is your cue to stop. It is a fantastic thrill, a “joygasm”, if you will. You will feel totally happy or grateful or relieved. The exact mood you would have caught in such a situation in “real life”. You have to understand that your subconscious thinks this is really happening now. At that point you have “sown” and you must therefore reap in “future”. You will find that you can’t loop his voice anymore. You are completely satisfied. And feel automatically happy and grateful that it is done.
  • After you catch the genuine mood, you can now respond in your own inner voice, in the exact tone you would use. Say “thank you, dad” over and over. It will feel very real and you will mean it!
  • Sleep looping your response. Even if it’s a short nap. I have noticed that I don’t even plan to sleep. I just doze off and , if done right, the response statement tends to loop itself even as you sleep, sustaining the feeling of your wish fulfilled.
  •  When you wake up, you will wonder whether you even slept, it seems as though you were awake all the time focused on your response statement. But when you check in with your body, you will discover that you feel refreshed. You definitely must have slept. Another good sign that you created properly: you will awaken in the exact same mood you slept in. All desire is extinguished and you find that you can no longer continue creating. It feels like the scene has already happened. It’s all a memory now.