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Supplement To The Aura Technique

How to shift just a specific part of your body into relief.

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As you’ve watched from the playlist above, this post serves as sort of a Part 2 of The Aura Technique – my preferred method of quick relief when in busy traffic.

Ever since the first video came out, I have been getting positive feedback from people who have been able to shift their mood from, say, angry, to happy in a very short period of time.

The Aura is an energy field we may or may not feel around our bodies. If you defocus your eyes you will be able to see it around every living and non-living thing. You see…

your physical arm and hand have no access to the energy centres, but your astral arm does.

  • This is what I have noticed…If I place my physical hand in a holding position, directly over the heart or tummy energy centre where the negative feeling is registering and then project my astral arm/hand out and into my body, I will have access to an “imaginary” ball of energy deep inside my inner body.With my intention, I can, then, pull this energy out in the form of a ball and pluck out the roots and all until I feel an actual energy change within me.I learned from Raymon Grace that if you are to perform a healing, all you have to do is give what’s wrong an energetic form. You, then, transform that creation to something else and the situation will be fixed.This works!When I pull out the ball of dark energy, I can now transmute it to “love and light” as described in the first video.What happens next:
  • I might feel as though there is something missing in my heart or tummy.
  • I can fix that by breathing in energy through the nose and directing it to this area.
  • It will feel as though a wound is sealing.
  • I will achieve relief for just a specific part of my (inner) body without having to push all my auric energy out of me.