Manifesting made easy.

What is an impress?

How to know that your creation is successful.

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The impress is an intense feeling of “acceptance” by your subconscious.

It is like etching an idea into your consciousness….deeply rooted enough to crowd out all the thoughts you previously had.

The ones that caused desire

When I first started out with spirituality, the energy I used to create impresses with, was at the bottom of my spine.

I used to lie flat on my back and say or think a statement while inducing what I can only describe as a “spinal surge”.

The spinal surge felt like a current of electricity that would climb from my tailbone to about the height of my navel then go back down.

This, for me, was the first impress.


In this video I briefly explain more:

After ascension, the energy that used to be at the base of my spine climbed into my head. 

So now, I still feel that electricity but it now comes from my head and moves down towards my heart.

What should you look out for?

  • Clarity of form.
  • Uninterrupted thought.
  • Intense joy.
  • Awareness of the energy in your body.
  • Release of the energy (orgasm style).
  • A consequent feeling of relief
  • Gasping for air to replace the released energy.
  • A warm feeling of inner knowing/ gratitude that it’s done!

Quick after thoughts:

If you have been trying to experience an impress for a while without succeeding try this:

The Joy was within you all along!
  • Lie flat on your back and relax
  • Breathe in and out rythmically
  • Say out loud (over and over): “My mind is awake as my body sleeps”
  • The second it feels as though you can no longer feel your body, imagine yourself jumping up and down on a trampoline.

You will experience a level of joy you did not know you had within you and finally prove to yourself that you need absolutely nothing outside of yourself in order to be happy!

Love and blessings,