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Thoughts Become Things

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Thought is seemingly subtle energy; a secret in your mind. Or is it? What if it’s much more than that?

Today’s vlog:

When I noticed that thoughts ultimately become conversations with other people, I took a step back and started to be extra careful.

If you want to prove this to yourself, select any random person who you haven’t seen in a while and mentally speak to them, as though they were physically present.

A few things to note:

  • The person you speak to is subconsciously receiving the energy you are sending out. They may not realise anything consciously. Thought functions at more levels than one.
  • On the higher planes of existence, our chief form of communication is telepathy. It stands to reason that this ability is inherent in all human beings. It just needs to be harnessed and nurtured. Thought can be transmitted and received.
  • Thinking FROM a state activates that state within you and you will be under compulsion to fulfil the contents of that state you impressed.

In his powerful book, Think Big And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill emphasised the correlation between thought and wealth. He knew that the latter is merely a state available to all, a state not just a selected few are privy to.

You can tell what another person has been thinking about lately by what they are speaking out loud. Afterall:

To think is to speak low,
To speak is to think aloud.

~Neville Goddard

Thought is imaginal sound, often disconnected from your present moment, creating the illusion that what you are thinking about is insignificant.

In truth as you think, you are having inner conversations with people who might be invisible to you right now, but when the thought becomes a physical conversation, someone will be selected to be on the receiving end of the state of you activated. Why?

Whatever is impressed must be expressed!

Now, when we say “thoughts become things” or “thoughts become scenes”, that is not entirely accurate. The better way of putting it would be:

Thoughts ARE things.
Thoughts ARE scenes.

Thinking is alignment with the energy of a scene that already exists, ultimately calling it forth into your reality by giving it attention.

Sometimes the scene is another person, other times you are alone. Either way, you will reap what you saw. The scriptures were very clear:

As a man thinks, so is he!

~ Proverbs 23:7