Manifesting made easy.

New To Imagination?

Basic training for manifestation

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If you are new to imagination, here is a little practical exercise that might help you understand how to consciously create your reality.

Get two chairs in separate rooms and memorize the perspective of the world as seen from both.

So, let’s say room 1 looks like this:

Room 1 memorised in imagination













Let’s say room 2 looks this:

Room 2 memorised in imagination









Now sit in room 2 on the big red chair and memorise all the things around you in their exact position relative to chair 1. Close your eyes and make sure you can still see the things in this room.

Now move to room 1 and sit on the chair right next to the fireplace, close your eyes and assume/pretend/use your imagination to experience that you are now seated on red chair in room 2.

Focus your imagination

Where there is a fireplace to the left of you, see a wall.
Where there is a similar chair to the right of you, see a plant.

Directly infront of you, there is no longer a vase with roses in it, seated on a wooden table, you now see a glass table with magazines on top. (Imagination rocks, doesn’t it? 😀 )

The window is no longer to the left of you, it is now on the right. There is a big cream sofa directly infront of you and a nice painting on the wall.

Your bare feet may be on the floor but you can actually feel as though they are on the carpet in room 2. In other words: surround yourself completely with room 2 while maintaining only your body as the common denominator. Even the chair you are seated on should feel more cozy, and of course, red.

The joyful effect of imagination.

If you stay in this state long enough, your imagination will actually make you FEEL as though you are in room 2! It will be so vivid that when you open your eyes you will be in shock to discover that you are not.

Such experiments will prove to you that you are all imagination and, being all imagination, you must always be where you are in imagination and not where you are physically.

The body is merely a “garment” that the Being you really are, wears in order to interact with the World of three dimensions.

You are not your body! You are imagination

With practice, you will then be able to assume any state in eternity, knowing that where you place your soul/imagination, your body must gravitate to in the near future. All you have to do is FEEL as though you have already arrived.




This is how it will feel…

Enjoy the practicing and talk to you soon.

With love,