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How To Sustain A Blissful Loving Relationship

My Personal Relationship Story.

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We met.
We fell in love.
I had a big ego.
She didn’t.
I said some things.
I did some things.
I hurt her.
She left.

And my world fell apart!!

You will never really know how valuable someone is until you lose them.

She was gone.
I was all alone.
It was a no longer a home.
It was a house.
A cold house.

I called the boys over to play video games and stuff. We bought takeout and went on and on about how we don’t need girls. All was well, right?


I was dying inside. The love of my life had gone! She took everything and left. EVERYTHING!

The tiles felt cold.
The food, even colder.
The meals were tasteless.
The Tv was boring.
Music sucked.

I was alone and nothing could fill the void, the big hole in my heart.

The boys left that evening; one of them having done the dishes. It just wasn’t the same….

I knew where she was hiding, so I swallowed my pride and drove over to her sister’s place.

There she was.

I told her how I felt. I told her we seemed to be miserable together, but we are far more miserable apart.

She agreed.
She didn’t want the fighting.
She didn’t care about what I said.
She didn’t care about what I had done.

She was always perfect.
She was always loyal.
She always loved me and never wavered.


It was me with the problem all along!!

I had the big ego.
I thought I could do better.
I wanted my “freedom”.
I didn’t appreciate her enough.

Until she left….

I told her this.
I told her I was wrong.
I promised to be a better man and I have kept that promise to this day!

This wiped the tears away.
She smiled.
She forgave me.
We hugged.
We laughed.

“Okay, now go get all your stuff! I am taking you home right now!”, I said.

This was the day we grew up. We just realised that it was simply not worth it! We decided to respect each other and have been happy ever since.

All of this was before I became a Conscious Creator.

I AM proud to say that we have not had a single argument for more that 3 years and the ones we had within 2 years before that were mostly mild.

I have been with this wonderful lady, my beloved Significant Other, for the past 15 years and the relationship gets better and better. Why?

Because I realised what I was doing wrong BEFORE I became spiritual. It was my self talk that messed things up.

When you master your inner conversations, imaginal sound, you will not only get your ex back, but also sustain a blissful relationship for decades to come.

Here is what I have done:

I ONLY think nice things about her.
I ONLY say nice things to her.
I praise her to myself, to my family, to my friends.
I am grateful for every little thing she does and I make sure she knows about it.
I tell her that I love her.
I give her space. being in each other’s faces all the time is not always a good thing.

I will update this post later. For now, I hope this helped.

With love,